Change in Supervision Notification Form

Completing the change in supervision notification form

The My Team section in My Learning Connection provides the supervisor visibility of their employees' learning and performance activities as well as their user records. Supervisors are able to view the hierarchy of their department in a single view including photos and profile information. To update the information and make changes, please complete the online Change in Supervision Notification Form and submit to for action.

Instructions for completing the change in supervision notification form

Step 1: Completion Date – Enter the date into the Form Completion Date field

Step 2: Section I Employee Information – Enter the information on the employee who has a change in supervision.

Step 3: Section II Classification – Provide the employee’s Proposed Title/Rank change and the Effective Date of the Status change. Please indicate the employee’s classification.

Step 4: Section III Status Change of Supervision – Check all that apply for the reason of the status change. If you select Other, please explain in the Comments section.

Step 5: Section IV Supervisor Information – Enter the name and BearPass Number for the employee’s supervisor and indicate whether this individual is a new supervisor for this employee. If the new supervisor replaced the previous supervisor, please also provide the information for the supervisor they replaced.

If you answered “Yes” to the two questions in Section IV, please proceed to Step 6. If you answered “No”, to both questions, proceed to Step 7.

Step 6: Section V Employees Assigned to Supervisor – Enter the Names, Bear Pass Numbers, and Position numbers of the employees assigned to this supervisor. The Position Numbers can be located on each employee’s Leave Report or Timesheet. The Position Number starts with the letter "P" followed by a series of numbers (i.e. P12345-67). If you need space for listing additional employees, proceed onto the page 2. Please reenter the Personal Information in Section I from page 1 and continue entering the requested information for the additional employees.

Step 7: Section VI Approval – Please enter the information for the person completing the form with their contact number along with the major administrator approving the changes. Request that the major administrator sign the form.

Step 8: Submit – Submit the completed form electronically via email to for processing. Please use the following subject heading for the email: Change in Supervision Notification Form.

If you need assistance or have questions, please contact HR Employee Development and Performance at 836-4592, 836-5779 or