New Online Payment Processes: My Benefit Code (Noncredit Course Fee Waiver), Credit Card, and Electronic Check

Overview of MyBenefit

MyBenefit is a new online process for all full-time employees to use in applying their $150.00 Noncredit Fee Waiver Benefit towards the cost of personal and professional development classes they would like to register for in My Learning Connection.  The new online process replaces the former manual  process and use of the Noncredit Fee Waiver paper form.

This benefit is used for only classes that have a cost associated with the registration.  Employees will be able to retrieve a MyBenefit Code during their registration process in My Learning Connection. Please read the following instructions before registering for a class in My Learning Connection if you plan to use your Noncredit Fee Waiver Benefit.  


Employees who elect to use MyBenefit will be able to apply the balance of their Noncredit Fee Waiver  to the cost of class and defer any remaining cost for the class  to their University account.  Once an employee has utilized all of their Noncredit Fee Waiver money for the fiscal year; they will be able to defer the entire cost with their MyBenefit code.  Employees will pay for any deferred costs to their accounts through the Bursars Office. 

Payments by Departmental Budgets with MyBenefit Process

Departments may reimburse their employee's account for a deferred payment made through My Learning Connection by completing the Departmental Budget Transfer Request Memo and sending it to Nancy Myers, Accounting Manager, Financial Services via email. 

 Holds on Employee Accounts

Employees who have a hold on their account will be able to utilize the MyBenefit to apply their Noncredit Fee Waiver benefit but will not be able to defer any remaining costs.  They also will be able to pay online the entire cost of the class with a credit card through My Learning Connection.

Online Payment with a Credit Card or by  Electronic Check

Employees may also pay for these classes with a personal credit card or by electronic check if they do not want to use MyBenefit.  Please just follow online prompts in My Learning Connection to complete the registration and check out process.  You will not provide a MyBenefit Code when paying by credit card or a electronic check for your class.

Contact Information

  • Assistance with Noncredit Fee Waiver Account and Registration: Contact HR Employee Development and Performance at or X65779.
  • Assistance with cancellations/reimbursements: Contact the department sponsoring the training class or event.  This information is provided in the registration information for the  class in My Learning Connection.  

Additional Information

Please refer to  paragraph 6.4.2 in the Employee handbook for information on the on the Noncredit Fee Waiver Benefit.