3.19.1 Resignation

An employee may terminate employment with the university by submitting a written notice or a written Separation from Employment form to his/her department head or supervisor available in the office of human resources. All resignations should include the reason for leaving the university and the employee’s requested date of resignation (termination date). If any use of vacation is involved, it should also state the day the employee is last planning on being present at work. If the employee wishes to use vacation time just prior to the resignation date, the request to do so should also be included so that the supervisor may approve or deny the request for vacation. Notice of the resignation should be submitted at least two weeks before the effective date of separation. The department head or supervisor shall immediately forward the separation from employment form, or resignation letter, to the office of human resources. If the use of vacation is denied, the resignation will become effective on the last day the employee stated he/she would be present at work. A Personnel Action Form terminating employment with the university should accompany the Notice of Resignation with the date of resignation/termination date listed in the "Effective Date" field and the last day present at work noted in "Last Actual Day Worked" field.