Performance Meetings

5.2.1 Performance Planning Meeting

G7.02-5 Employee Performance Evaluations

The performance planning meeting will occur between October 1st and January 31st or within 30 days after the performance appraisal meeting.  The performance planning meeting and the annual performance appraisal meeting may occur during the same meeting, if the supervisor desires.  The performance planning meeting is required in order for supervisors and employees to discuss and come to a mutual understanding of job duties, objectives, and specific goals to be accomplished throughout the upcoming year. The supervisor communicates the university's and department's goals and objectives and helps the employee to relate his/her performance to the accomplishment of these goals by establishing measurable outcomes. This step is documented in Section 1 of the ADP form. The Organizational Values/Behaviors found in Section 2 should also be reviewed so that the supervisor and employee have a common understanding of behaviors which are considered the norm for the position.  This step is a mutual review and planning exchange between the supervisor and employee.

5.2.2 Performance Appraisal Meeting

G7.02-5 Employee Performance Evaluations

The annual performance appraisal meeting will occur between October 1st and January 31st.  Cost center administrators are encouraged to have their cost center’s supervisors submit the completed ADP forms to them for review prior to meeting with the employee for the performance appraisal so the cost center administrator can help ensure performance evaluation ratings are consistently calibrated throughout the cost center.  The ADP report is reviewed and discussed by the supervisor and employee. An integral part of this meeting is planning for the subsequent year's job duties, projects, and/or goals (see 5.2.1).

5.3.2 Annual Performance Evaluations

G7.02-5 Employee Performance Evaluations

All employees successfully completing the probationary period will receive annual performance evaluations. All annual performance evaluations will occur between October 1 and January 31 of each fiscal year. The results of each year's performance evaluations will be used as input for development of the Compensation Matrix to determine salary increases that will be implemented July 1 (assuming sufficient funding is available for salary increases that year). New employees’ three- or six-month probationary evaluations occurring between October 1 and January 31 will be used as input for the Compensation Matrix.