Mid-Year Meeting and PIP

5.2.3 Mid-Year Meeting

G7.02-5 Employee Performance Evaluations

A mid-year meeting must be conducted by supervisors with employees who are performing at a less-than-competent level in any area. At this meeting a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) must also be initiated. The mid-year meeting is optional for all others but can provide an opportunity for the supervisor and employee to discuss progress and identify any challenges to accomplishing the established goals/objectives established at the beginning of the rating period.  A mid-year meeting will reduce the chance that surprises will occur at year-end during the annual performance evaluation.

5.2.4 Performance Improvement Plan

G7.02-5 Employee Performance Evaluations

The supervisor must develop a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) when the employee's overall performance evaluation rating is less than "Competent" (a rating less than 3) or if the supervisor determines current performance requires improvement.  The Performance Improvement Plan must clearly describe:

  1. What behavior, performance, situations, or conditions must be changed and how,
  2. What is to be done by the employee,
  3. What is to be done by the supervisor, and
  4. When the improved level of performance is to be achieved.

The PIP becomes part of the employee’s Appraisal and Development Plan for the rating period it was initiated. Supervisors should consult with their next line of supervision (Reviewer) when initiating a PIP on an employee since the Reviewer also signs the form at the establishment of the PIP and at the Follow-Up Review. The Follow-Up Review with the employee should be conducted approximately 60 days following the initiation of a PIP. Supervisors should contact the office of human resources for guidance and assistance on the process prior to meeting with the employee.