Method of Evaluation

5.2 Method of Evaluation

G7.02-5 Employee Performance Evaluations

The immediate supervisor will evaluate the employee’s performance using a rating scale that consists of the following five levels of performance: Exceptional, Commendable, Competent, Development Needed, and Unsatisfactory. Supervisors must conduct:    

  • A performance planning meeting for new employees during their first week of employment.
  • A probationary evaluation for new employees at the third and sixth months of employment.
  • An annual performance appraisal and performance planning meeting with all  employees during the period of Oct. 1 through Jan. 31.
  • A Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) session at anytime during the year if employees are performing at a less than “Competent” (a rating of less than 3).

Both the supervisor and the employee will sign the performance evaluation report form at the conclusion of the Performance Planning Meeting and the Performance Appraisal Meeting.  Signing the evaluation report does not mean the employee agrees with the evaluation; it means that the employee is aware of and has been informed of the evaluation.

Administrative practices to follow for the ADP process are:

  • Provide to employees copies of all formal documents being discussed during meetings
  • Practice confidentiality in the management of the ADP documents and discussions
  • Provide signed copies to employees and appropriate offices within the cost center
  • Submit the original signed ADP form to the office of human resources.

Additionally, it is recommended that a mid-year meeting of the employee and supervisor be held to discuss progress and challenges related to accomplishing the performance plan.