Life Insurance

Coping with funeral expenses can be a burden for your family. Prepare for it with life insurance.

Cost and coverage

The university provides each employee – faculty and staff – with basic term life insurance coverage. It is equal to your annual salary or at least $50,000 of coverage if your salary is less than $50,000.

Accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) coverage, in an amount equal to your basic term life insurance coverage amount, is also provided by the university.

All benefit-eligible employees are able to purchase additional term life insurance on themselves, called supplemental life insurance. Rates are based on the age of the person being covered.


Employee supplemental life insurance rates

Age Bracket

Cost per $1,000
Less than age 30 $0.04
30-34 $0.05
35-39 $0.07
40-44 $0.09
45-49 $0.14
50-54 $0.22
55-59 $0.42
60-64 $0.65
65-69 $1.26
70 and older* $1.83

*Basic and supplemental coverage reduces to 65 percent at age 70; to 50 percent at age 75; and to 30 percent at age 80.

Dependent life insurance benefits

Employees may elect dependent coverage from five different levels of coverage. You pay the amount shown in the table regardless of whether you cover just a spouse, just a child or children, or a family with spouse and child(ren).

Dependent life insurance rates

Option (Spouse Wage) Insurance Coverage Monthly Cost

Option 1

Spouse: $10,000

Child(ren): $5,000


Option 2

Spouse: $20,000

Child(ren): $10,000 $2.30

Option 3

Spouse: $30,000

Child(ren): $20,000 $3.90

Option 4

Spouse: $40,000

Child(ren): $ 20,000


Option 5

Spouse: $50,000

Child(ren): $20,000 $13.70


Supplemental life insurance:

  • Can be purchased in increments of one, two, three, four or five times the annual salary rounded to the next higher $1,000.
  • Can also be purchased to cover spouse and/or children.


If you’re enrolled in the College and University Retirement Plan (CURP):

  • The university provides an additional basic term life insurance amount which is equal to twice your salary.
  • The amount of AD&D coverage provided by the university, at no cost to you, includes the amount of additional basic term life insurance.
  • You may purchase supplemental life insurance at one, two or three times your salary, rounded to the next higher $1,000.

Faculty who are members of the MOSERS retirement plan can buy supplemental life insurance in increments of one, two, three, four or five times your salary, rounded to the next higher $1,000.

Limits and exclusions

The premiums are based on five-year age brackets, so if you reach an age in the next higher age bracket during the year, you will see your insurance premium increase accordingly.

The amount of supplemental life insurance you can purchase is based on your salary. So the supplemental life insurance premium would also increase if you receive a salary increase during the year.

How to use the benefit

When you enroll, you will elect a beneficiary who will receive the lump sum upon your death.

Enrolling and changing

You will automatically be covered by the basic term life insurance policy.

You can add supplemental life insurance for you and your spouse or children during orientation, or within 30 days of your start date.

Each fall, the university participates in open enrollment when you can make changes to your plan, like adding spouse or dependents, and adding, changing or suspending supplemental life insurance. Employees may elect dependent coverage from five levels of coverage.

Outside of the open enrollment period, changes can only be made due to qualifying life events (like marriage, divorce or having a child).

For more information, contact human resources.

Making claims

Your beneficiary will need to contact Cigna at 800-362-4462 to start the claims process. The human resources benefits team is also available to assist.

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