1116 Coordinator of Clinical Education for Respiratory Care


TITLE Coordinator of Clinical Education for Respiratory Care


GRADE Unclassified


IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR Director of Respiratory Care

MAJOR ADMINISTRATOR Director of Nursing and Chair, Division of Allied Health


The Coordinator of Clinical Education for Respiratory Care works under the guidance of the Director of Respiratory Care and the Director of Nursing and Chair, Division of Allied Health. The Coordinator is responsible for the organization, administration, continuous review, development and planning, and general effectiveness of the clinical component of the Respiratory Care program.


Education: A bachelor’s degree from an academic institution accredited by a regional or national accrediting agency that is recognized by the U. S. Department of Education (USDE) is required.

Experience: Four years of experience as a Registered Respiratory Therapist is required; at least two years of experience in clinical respiratory care is required. Two years experience teaching in an accredited respiratory care program either as an appointed faculty member or as a clinical preceptor is required.

Certification: A valid Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) credential is required and must have a professional license as required by the state of Missouri.


1. Assists the Director in assuring that the Respiratory Care program meets standards established by the University, the Arkansas and Missouri Respiratory Care Licensing Boards, and the Commission on Accreditation of Respiratory Care Programs (CoARC) by planning, implementing, and continuously evaluating program outcomes.

2. Initiates and maintains contractual affiliation with clinical facilities for training of student therapists.

3. Actively recruits students and oversees the respiratory care admission process.

4. Maintains attendance, scholastic, and other records and submits information and reports in a timely manner as required by the College, State Licensure Boards, and/or the CoARC.

5. Assists in the development of the Respiratory Care curriculum, course content, and the selection of textbooks, library materials, and equipment/supplies to facilitate learning respiratory care.

6. Oversees the work of adjunct faculty in didactic/laboratory/clinical settings.

7. Assists the Director in coordinating Advisory Board Committee meetings at least once per semester.

8. Assists in developing departmental budget, prioritizing expenditures, and maintaining inventory of existing equipment/supplies.

9. Teaches classes assigned by the Dean of Academic Affairs and meets classes regularly and punctually, prepared to teach as effectively as possible.

10. Attends all faculty and divisional meetings and in-service trainings as scheduled unless excused by the proper administrator.

11. Maintains up-dated course syllabi with a copy on file in the Academic Affairs Office.

12. Posts and maintains at least ten office hours per week for advising and consulting with students.

13. Keeps up-to-date professionally by attendance in workshops, conferences, and other activities designed to award continuing education credits.

14. Promotes the College’s mission, goals, and objectives and performs all other duties as assigned.


The Coordinator of Clinical Education for Respiratory Care is supervised by the Director of Respiratory Care, the Director of Nursing and Chair of the Division of Allied Health, and the Dean of Academic Affairs.