5509 Warehouse and Delivery Clerk


TITLE Warehouse and Delivery Clerk



IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR Shipping & Receiving Manager

MAJOR ADMINISTRATOR Coordinator of Property Control


The Warehouse and Delivery Clerk performs responsible warehousing duties and delivery services for the Property Control unit which include delivering supplies, materials and equipment to the various departments, safeguarding all items during transit, properly tagging inventorial items and updating the property log, assisting with the receipt of property items, preparing items for shipment, and storing property items in a safe and efficient manner which facilitates access, accountability, and reduces the likelihood for damage. The Warehouse and Delivery Clerk operates various motor vehicles, light delivery vehicles, and a forklift.


Education: A high school diploma or the equivalent is required.

Experience: At least one year successful experience in warehousing, and/or delivery work is required.

Skills: Must be able to use Microsoft Word and Excel and learn and use mainframe computer applications. The ability to operate an electronic photocopier and maintain filing systems and records is required. The ability to develop knowledge of, respect for, and skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds is required.

Effort: Must be able to lift and transport 50-100 pounds on a daily basis. Work is performed both indoors and out-of-doors, occasionally in environments which could have work hazards.

License: Must have a valid Missouri driver's license.


1. Performs responsible delivery services by correctly identifying supplies, materials, equipment, and priority packages to be delivered to the University’s administrative and academic departments from invoices, departmental order forms, and Procurement Card purchases, safely loading those items on the delivery vehicle, safeguarding all items during transit, delivering the items to the correct department, and obtaining the appropriate signature for receipt of the delivered items.

2. Accurately documents the receipt of all supplies, materials, and equipment delivered to the University.

3. Assists with management and accountability of surplus property items by retrieving surplus property items as directed, recording the transfer of accountability for the items, and returning the surplus property items to the University warehouse.

4. Performs responsible warehousing duties by ensuring that all inventorial property items are tagged prior to delivery, updating the property log with required information about inventorial items, assisting with the receipt of property items, supplies, materials, and equipment, preparing items for shipment, and storing property items in a safe and efficient manner which facilitates access, accountability, and reduces the likelihood for damage.

5. Practices preventive maintenance of delivery vehicles and equipment by performing spot checks of equipment to determine their working condition, oiling moving parts, cleaning and servicing tools and equipment as directed or specified in the operator’s manual, and returning damaged tools and equipment for repair or replacement.

6. Helps maintain a safe working environment, thus reducing the likelihood of personal injury or property damage, by operating various motor vehicles, light delivery vehicles and a forklift in a safe manner.

7. Contributes to a work environment that encourages knowledge of, respect for, and development of skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds.

8. Contributes to an effective property control operation by performing other essential tasks as assigned.


The Warehouse and Delivery Clerk is supervised by the Shipping and Receiving Manager and may supervise student workers working in Property Control.




Factor 1: Educational Requirements of the Job

Level 2 - 100 Points: The job requires a high school diploma or equivalent.

Factor 2: Skill Requirements - Craft and Trade Skills

Level 2 - 350 Points: General mechanical or technical aptitude and a general knowledge of, and experience in, a skill, craft, or trade. A general ability to understand procedures, operations, and/or operate basic equipment, that typically require some previous experience or training is required. Jobs at this level typically require at least one and up to two years of related experience for successful performance.

Factor 3: Managerial Responsibility

Level 2 - 75 Points: Irregular but occasional responsibility to direct the work of student workers or temporary or part-time workers. The nature of supervision is largely confined to assigning tasks to others and does not include a full range of supervisory responsibilities. Responsibilities at this level may include tracking budgeted spending, limited purchasing authority, and tracking inventory.

Factor 4: Guidelines

Level 1 - 20 Points: Specific detailed guidelines covering most aspects of the job. Deviations from guidelines must be authorized.

Factor 5: Contacts

Level 2 - 50 Points: The purpose may include obtaining or clarifying facts, or providing factual information to others. Contacts may be with coworkers or structured exchanges with students or the general public, and are generally for the purpose of exchange of information. Contacts at this level might include discussing a work order with individuals in a departmental office to more clearly define the problem, or providing directions or information to students or the general public.

Factor 6: Work Environment

Level 3 - 70 Points: The work area involves moderate discomfort and/or risk such as operating heavy machinery or dangerous equipment, or frequent exposure to hazardous materials. Alternatively, the work area may be subject to environmental discomfort such as poor ventilation. Loud noises, and/or extremes of heat or cold. The work often requires wearing protective gear that may be uncomfortable. The nature of the work environment may produce moderate levels of stress.

Factor 7: Physical Demands

Level 4 - 150 Points: Work requires considerable and strenuous physical exertion such as climbing ladders, frequent lifting of objects over 50 pounds, crawling or crouching in restricted areas. Occasional lifting of heavy objects weighing 75 pounds or more is required.

Factor 8: Responsibility for Facilities and Resources

Level 2 - 40 Points: Jobs at this level might require frequent but routine responsibility for facility security, public safety, equipment, or money.

Factor 9: Complexity

Level 1 - 100 Points: The work consists of tasks that are clear-cut and directly related. There is little or no choice to be made in deciding what needs to be done. The actions to be taken are usually easy to discern and unambiguous, otherwise the employee requests assistance from a supervisor. Work is performed as it arrives or in an order set by someone else. The work can be learned relatively quickly.