5117 Campus Web-Database Specialist, WP


TITLE Campus Web-Database Specialist, WP




IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR Director of Computer Services



The Campus Web/Database Specialist oversees the organization, design, and functionality of the Missouri State university-West Plains web site, provides training and support to users of the campus web content management system, assures accessibility of the campus web site for all users, ensures the coordinated development, communication, and implementation of web projects, and manages the ongoing operation of the web portion of the administrative databases.


Education: Completion of college courses that are equivalent to an Associate’s degree in a computer-related field is required. A Bachelor’s degree, with an emphasis in a computer-related field, is preferred.

Experience: The following are required: at least one year experience as a system administrator establishing and maintaining a web site; at least one year experience in the design and programming of web-based applications; experience with HTML and computer graphic creation; experience in the use of computers in business applications. The following are preferred: functional knowledge of database management systems and SQL; work experience in higher education.

Skills: The following are required: proficiency in the design and coding of web-related applications; ability to manage multiple concurrent projects, reason analytically, and work with people possessing differing levels of technical knowledge; effective oral and written communication skills and proficiency in writing technical specifications; demonstrated supervisory experience; and effective organizational skills. An understanding of accessibility issues related to disabled users is preferred.

Other: Some evening, night, and weekend hours are required.


1. Contributes to the development of a consistently high quality presentation of Missouri State University-West Plains on the web by communicating and cooperating with the Office of Web and New Media on the structure and setup of the campus central pages, designing and creating web pages and graphics, and providing web design consultation services.

2. Serves as project leader for web project requests by formulating a general plan for request fulfillment in conjunction with the requesting client and the Web Advisory Committee and supervising student web developers in the completion of web projects.

3. Increases the productivity of campus web developers by providing campus-side and individual training, support, and documentation for campus web software.

4. Supports the academic component of the campus web by supervising student web developers within the departments.

5. Maintains compliance with state and federal laws regarding accessibility issues and assures the accessibility of campus web sites by providing training in and documentation for accessible design and alternative formats and reviewing and monitoring web pages for accessibility regulations compliance.

6. Fulfills request for faculty, student, staff, and course web sites by creating individual web access and communicating with users about their web pages.

7. Assists in the selection of web development tools and products by researching available products and methodologies, making recommendations for purchase, developing bid specifications, evaluating bid responses, and recommending the selection of products that meet the web development needs of the campus.

8. Supervises and participates in the maintenance of the servers upon which the campus web systems operate, ensuring the operating systems are patched and secure.

9. Supports web access to the campus administrative software system by administering the web interface and managing security within the web component of the administrative database system.

10. Supports the effective business operation of the campus by responding to requests for special project interfaces, including surveys, electronic forms, templates, and databases, such as data from optical mark readers, by analyzing user needs and coordinating with others in the department to design, develop, test, and maintain applications for special projects, including those that interface with the campus web site and/or campus data.

11. Supports campus optical mark readers, other specialized technology, and their associated software.

12. Develops, tests, and promotes the uniformity of the programming effort by contributing to and adhering to the department’s standards and guidelines and participating in the establishment of University web standards, including procedures to handle web security, ID validation, user authorization, web presentation, and application development methods.

13. Actively participates in planning for the future growth of the campus and the integration of information technology by serving on appropriate committees on the West Plains campus, participating regularly in departmental meetings, coordinating problem resolution with others in the department, suggesting improvements in the support operation, assisting in the development of short- and long-range goals for the department, and evaluating progress toward accomplishment of those goals.

14. Remains competent and current through self-directed professional reading, developing professional contacts with colleagues, attending professional development courses, and attending training and/or courses required by the Director of Computer Services.

15. Contributes to the overall success of the department by performing all other duties as assigned by the Director of Computer Services.


The Systems/Database Analyst is supervised by the Director of Computer Services and supervises student workers.




Factor 1: Educational/Experience Requirements of the Job

Level 5 - 985 Points: A combination of education and experience equivalent to a Level 5 as indicated by the Equivalencies Chart, when permitted by the Minimum Acceptable Qualifications.

Factor 2: Supervisory Responsibility

Level 3 - 897 Points: Regular but limited supervision and training of small numbers of student or part-time workers is required where the nature of supervision is largely confined to scheduling work and/or assigning tasks. Supervision at this level may also involve directing the work assignments of one or more full-time employees, but supervision typically does not include a full range of supervisory responsibilities, and the supervisory duties typically do not consume a large portion of the work day.

Factor 3: Skill, Complexity, and Technical Mastery

Level 5.5 - 1750 Points: Skill, complexity, and technical mastery is somewhat above requirements for a level at 1600, but somewhat below the skill, complexity, and technical mastery requirements at level 1900.

Factor 4: Budgetary Control

Level 3 - 579 Points: Jobs at this level are responsible for identifying areas of need and for developing proposals that request funding to fulfill those needs.

Factor 5: Work Environment and Physical Demands

Level 1 - 25 Points: The work environment has only everyday discomforts associated with an office or commercial vehicle. The work area is adequately lighted, heated or cooled, and ventilated. Work is largely sedentary involving mostly sitting with occasional walking, standing, bending, or carrying of small items. No special physical demands are required of the work.

Factor 6: Work Impact and Effect

Level 4 - 3060 Points: Work products or services directly impact the work of other professionals, the development and operation of programs, affect major activities across units, and/or impact the well-being of large numbers of individuals. Typically the work is complex and may involve addressing conventional problems or situations with established methods or resolving critical problems or developing new processes or models to address specific problems. Improperly performed work and/or equipment or software failures produce errors and delays that affect the operations and/or reputations of multiple or critical departments, programs, or units, and individuals. Improperly performed work and/or equipment or software failures may be remedied in the short to medium term, but at substantial cost of time and resources. The scope of improperly performed work and/or equipment or software failure is large and the nature of the activity requires that emergency repairs be performed.