5525 Athletics Equipment Attendant


TITLE Athletics Equipment Attendent



IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR Department Head, Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (HPER)

MAJOR ADMINISTRATOR Dean, College of Health and Human Services


The Athletics Equipment Attendant performs varied athletics equipment stores work including issuing, storing, maintaining, and repairing of athletics equipment used in classroom instruction or available to students, faculty, and other authorized individuals utilizing the exercise/recreation facilities. The Attendant maintains an inventory of equipment and supplies stored in the equipment room and accurate records of equipment issued to authorized persons. The Athletics Equipment Attendant performs preventive maintenance functions on athletics, exercise, and recreation equipment.


Education: A high school diploma or the equivalent is required.

Experience: At least one year of experience in storeskeeping or a related area is required, preferably in a recreational or athletics facility, such as the Family Y, Park Board, Boys/Girls Clubs.

Skills: Excellent interpersonal skills and a demonstrated ability to work effectively with faculty, staff, and students are required. Mechanical aptitude in the use of small hand tools, is preferred. The ability to develop knowledge of, respect for, and skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds is required.

Effort: Must be able to lift and transport equipment, furniture, and materials weighing up to 40 pounds.


1. Provides essential classroom support for academic instruction by issuing required individual athletics equipment to students enrolled in classes which may involve sizing students for items such as fencing jackets, erecting and/or setting up athletics equipment such as goals, netting, floor mats, and tape recorders or similar audio equipment, ensuring that athletics equipment used for instruction is available in the assigned classroom as required, and checking returned equipment for damage or wear and repairing it within the capability to do so.

2. Ensures accountability of athletics equipment by keeping a continuous inventory of all equipment and supplies stored in the respective equipment rooms, maintaining accurate records of equipment issued to students, faculty, and other authorized individuals, sending overdue notices to borrowers who fail to return equipment, submitting grade encumbrances to the records office as appropriate, and advising department administrators when issued equipment is not returned or replaced.

3. Provides a service to students, faculty, and other authorized individuals utilizing the exercise/recreation facilities by assigning lockers, issuing combination locks and clean towels, repairing damaged lockers and locks within the capability to do so or replacing damaged locks, and maintaining the general cleanliness of the locker area.

4. Assists in the preparation for subsequent classroom instruction by preparing a final inventory of equipment in each sport with an accurate status of its condition and any shortages, advising the appropriate instructor regarding the status of equipment, and providing the departmental administrator with purchase order information for instructional equipment and supplies required for the approaching semester(s).

5. Assists in the proper accountability of University property and equipment assigned to the department by conducting annual property and equipment inventories of all items assigned to the department.

6. Provides a measure of safety and security for students, faculty, and other authorized individuals utilizing the exercise/recreation facilities by monitoring access to the locker room area and enforcing University policies regarding authorized use of the facilities.

7. Maintains exercise equipment, such as weight machines, in an operational condition by performing appropriate preventive maintenance services, including oiling gears, pulleys and associated moving parts, checking cables and replacing worn or damaged parts, and contacting servicing vendors for repairs beyond the attendant's capability to perform.

8. Reduces the likelihood for damage to equipment assigned to the department by demonstrating the proper use of the equipment which includes operation of electronic scoreboards.

9. Contributes to a work environment that encourages knowledge of, respect for, and development of skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds.

10. Contributes to the overall success of the department by performing other essential duties and responsibilities as assigned.


The Athletics Equipment Attendant receives supervision from the immediate supervisor and generally exercises no supervision of others.




Factor 1: Educational Requirements of the Job

Level 2 - 100 Points: The job requires a high school diploma or equivalent.

Factor 2: Skill Requirements - Craft and Trade Skills

Level 2 - 350 Points: General mechanical or technical aptitude and a general knowledge of, and experience in, a skill, craft, or trade. A general ability to understand procedures, operations, and/or operate basic equipment, that typically require some previous experience or training is required. Jobs at this level typically require at least one and up to two years of related experience for successful performance.

Factor 3: Managerial Responsibility

Level 1 - 25 Points: No responsibility for the work of others. Limited responsibility for expenses, purchases, or inventory.

Factor 4: Guidelines

Level 1 - 20 Points: Specific detailed guidelines covering most aspects of the job. Deviations from guidelines must be authorized.

Factor 5: Contacts

Level 2 - 50 Points: The purpose may include obtaining or clarifying facts, or providing factual information to others. Contacts may be with coworkers or structured exchanges with students or the general public, and are generally for the purpose of exchange of information. Contacts at this level might include discussing a work order with individuals in a departmental office to more clearly define the problem, or providing directions or information to students or the general public.

Factor 6: Work Environment

Level 1 - 20 Points: The work environment had only everyday risks or discomforts associated with an office or commercial vehicle. The work area is adequately lighted, heated or cooled, and ventilated. There are no unusual hazards in the work environment.

Factor 7: Physical Demands

Level 2 - 60 Points: Work requires some exertion such as standing for long periods of time, considerable walking, frequent bending kneeling, reaching, and stooping. May include occasional lifting of moderately heavy objects. Work may require specific but common physical abilities.

Factor 8: Responsibility for Facilities and Resources

Level 1 - 20 Points: The job requires limited levels of responsibility for facilities, money, tools, and/or equipment.

Factor 9: Complexity

Level 1 - 100 Points: The work consists of tasks that are clear-cut and directly related. There is little or no choice to be made in deciding what needs to be done. The actions to be taken are usually easy to discern and unambiguous, otherwise the employee requests assistance from a supervisor. Work is performed as it arrives or in an order set by someone else. The work can be learned relatively quickly.