2325 Executive Director, Jordan Valley Innovation Center (JVIC)


TITLE Executive Director, Jordan Valley Innovation Center (JVIC)




IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR Vice President for Research & Economic Development



The Executive Director, JVIC is responsible for supervision and oversight of the operation of the Jordan Valley Innovation Center, which includes the Center for Applied Science and Engineering, the Center for Biomedical and Life Sciences, and JVIC, Inc., a 501(c)3 foundation which focuses on enabling the Jordan Valley Innovation Center to meet its mission of providing support to small and mid-sized emerging technology companies and to high-technology start-up ventures by quickly moving corporate and university-based research and development to commercial products. The Executive Director supervises all technical aspects of research and laboratory activities and maintains and develops relationships with industrial partners, community leaders, and state and federal legislative representatives, provides oversight for grants and contracts, encourages and facilitates external funding efforts, coordinates and collaborates with University academic administrators to encourage participation in research projects, the development of applied science and technology interdisciplinary programs, and the establishment of internships.


Education A terminal degree in an applied science or a business discipline is required. If an appointment with academic rank is considered, the terminal degree must be in a discipline represented by one of the academic departments of the University and additional qualifications may be required as stipulated by the appropriate academic department.

Experience Five years of progressively increasing responsibilities for program development, project management, budgeting, and administration are required. At least 2 years of work in a higher education or scientific research setting with duties requiring the ability to effectively collaborate and coordinate the work of groups with diverse interests is required.

Other: This position is designated “sensitive” as defined by University policy. This position may include job duties, responsibilities, or activities that are subject to export control regulations.

Skills Effective oral and written communication skills are required. Effective organizational skills are required. Supervisory skills are required.


1. Assures that the work of JVIC is consistent with its mission by providing advanced technology, research, development, engineering, technical support, and educational programs that advance the competitiveness of industries in Southwest Missouri.

2. Facilitates an interdisciplinary approach to serve the research, development, engineering, technical, and educational needs of industry by working with University academic administrators and faculty to encourage participation in research projects, developing new and existing applied science and technology interdisciplinary programs and internships, securing commitments from colleges for these programs, and assisting with program assessment.

3. Assists the product-oriented research and development efforts of local businesses by supporting industrial projects, including instrumentation development, energy and environmental audits, materials testing, research and development, and providing employee training workshops for new and developing technologies.

4. Facilitates the collaboration of local industry, students, and faculty by communicating the mission and goals of JVIC to local business and community leaders, company representatives, University administration, and faculty, students, and state and federal representatives.

5. Assures the financial viability of JVIC by securing external funding, overseeing external funding efforts of JVIC, and providing oversight activities for funded grants and contract.

6. Assures the research performed at JVIC is consistent with the JVIC mission by supervising technical aspects of the research and supervising JVIC-funded laboratories.

7. Contributes to the overall success of the Research and Economic Development division by performing all other duties as assigned.


The Executive Director, Jordan Valley Innovation Center, serves as the Director of the Center for Applied Science and Engineering, is supervised by the Vice President for Research & Economic Development, and supervises the Director, Center for Biomedical and Life Sciences and the Director JVIC, Inc.