1124 Procurement-Human Resources Specialist, WP


TITLE Procurement-Human Resources Specialist-WP




IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR Director, Business and Support Services                



The Procurement/Human Resources Specialist administers and performs complex administrative support responsibilities for the Human Resource, Payroll, and Purchasing functions for the West Plains campus.  The Procurement/Human Resources Specialist reviews and processes Human Resources forms and records, provides Human Resources services, such as the vacancy announcement, clerical testing, property clearance, fee waivers, E-verifications for new employees, etc., and serves as a resource to employees and supervisors by answering questions and referring them to appropriate resources.  The Procurement/Human Resources Specialist provides procurement services by processing procurement documents, serving as an information resource to staff and maintaining vendor records.


Education: A high school diploma and at least 48 credit hours of college courses or an equivalent combination of education and experience is required.  An Associate's degree in Business or a related field is preferred.

Experience: At least five years of administrative support experience is required that includes procurement and human resources experience.  

Skills:  Computer application skills are required including keyboarding ability and a functional knowledge of Microsoft Office.  Strong written and verbal communications skills and excellent interpersonal skills are required.  The ability to operate electronic and standard office machines, maintain complex filing systems and records, and make mathematical calculations and budget reconciliations is required.  Strong organizational and supervisory skills and the ability to train and/or review the work of others are required. The ability to develop knowledge of, respect for, and skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds is required.

Effort: Administrative support positions are primarily sedentary.  Administrative support positions require frequent keyboarding.


1. Provides Human Resource services for the West Plains campus by advising departments on procedures for filling vacancies, disciplinary actions, personnel actions, and leave policies, preparing personnel action forms, processing employment forms, maintaining employee files, coordinating employee performance evaluations, assisting with employee leave reports and time records in Banner, providing verification of employment, processing I-9s and using the e-verify system for all new employees, conducting new employee orientations, coordinating employee health and life insurance changes with Human Resources, advertising vacancies, collecting and forwarding Workmen’s Compensation claims to Human Resources, requesting criminal background checks, explaining fringe benefits to job candidates, setting up appointments for pre-employment physicals, administering clerical testing, processing property clearances, and processing fee waivers.

2. Serves as a liaison between the West Plains campus and payroll by monitoring payroll deadlines, assisting employees and supervisors with payroll problems and questions, maintaining the faculty per course supplemental payroll spreadsheet, verifying part-time employee paychecks, processing student worker clearances, pay increases, budget changes, and terminations, verifying eligibility for student employment, processing I-9s and using the e-verify system,  and processing employment forms for all student (non work-study) employees.

3. Provides procurement services for the West Plains campus by assigning purchase order numbers to requisitions in Banner, advising departments on the use of requisitions, purchase orders, and procurement cards, training staff about procurement procedures, printing and faxing all purchase orders, conducting training for staff on University p-card policies and procedures, maintaining the catalog system for procurement, ordering items from the State of Missouri and Missouri State University contracts, processing invoices for payment, bidding meals and some travel for the university, compiling, analyzing, and awarding bids to the lowest and best vendor, submitting requisitions, purchase orders, and payment requests to the Office of Administration, State of Missouri for state appropriation expenses for new buildings and equipment, and coordinating with staff from the Office of Procurement Services at the Springfield campus on proper procedures and regulations.

4. Administers a variety of business processes occurring at the West Plains campus and coordinates these processes with the Springfield campus by providing taxpayer ID forms to vendors, maintaining liability insurance verifications on vendors working on campus, placing service requests with mechanical vendors, ordering paper, ordering license plates, titles, etc. for University vehicles, processing W-4s, clearance forms, and forwarding such forms to Student Employment for all non work-study student employees, and ordering gasoline and Wal-Mart charge cards per University policy.

5. Contributes to a work environment that encourages knowledge of, respect for, and development of skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds.

6. Remains competent and current through self-directed professional reading, developing professional contacts with colleagues, attending professional development courses, and attending training and/or courses as required by the Director of Business and Support Services.

7. Helps to ensure the overall success of Business and Support Services by performing all other duties as assigned.


The Procurement/Human Resources Specialist is supervised by the Director of Business and Support Services.




Factor 1: Educational/Experience Requirements of the Job

Level 8 - 1460 Points: A combination of education and experience equivalent to a Level 8 as indicated by the Equivalencies Chart, when permitted by the Minimum Acceptable Qualifications.

Factor 2: Complexity and Technical Mastery

Level 4 - 370 Points: In addition to considerable skill in oral and written communication, the ability to make basic mathematical calculations, the ability to understand and follow instructions, knowledge of moderately complex or other work procedures, and the ability to work independently and coordinate a variety of activities and events, the job requires specific professional skills and/or skills in managing a wide variety of complex processes.

Factor 3: Responsibility for the Work of Others

Level 1 - 0 Points: No responsibility for the work of others.

Factor 4: Guidelines

Level 4 - 370 Points: The work involves operating under general supervision expressed in terms of program goals and objectives, priorities, and deadlines. Supervision is given through statements of departmental, program, or project objectives and available resources. Administrative guidelines are relatively comprehensive, and incumbents need only to fill in gaps in interpretation and adapt established methods to perform recurring activities. In unforeseen situations the incumbent must interpret inadequate or incomplete guidelines, develop plans, and initiate new methods to complete assignments based on those interpretations. Assignments are normally related in function, but the work requires many different processes and methods applied to an established administrative or professional field. Problems are typically the result of unusual circumstances, variations in approach, and incomplete or conflicting data. The incumbent exercises judgment in interpreting the intent of guidelines, methods, and procedures, and determines the best process to achieve objectives.

Factor 5: Contacts

Level 5 - 345 Points: Interactions with others are somewhat unstructured. The purpose may be to influence or motivate others, to obtain information, or to control situations and resolve problems. Interactions may be with individuals or groups of coworkers, students, or the general public, and may be moderately unstructured, and may involve persons who hold differing goals and objectives. Individuals at this level often act as a liaison between groups with a focus on solving particular unstructured problems.

Factor 6: Work Impact

Level 5 - 700 Points: Work activities address conventional problems or situations with established methods supply departments, programs, classes, or units with information, services, or products they use to perform their work and allows departments, programs, or units to function properly. Work products or services directly impact the operation, accuracy, reliability, acceptability, or design of programs, systems, or equipment that affects the operation of individual departments or units. Work activities directly affect the services or products provided by the department, unit, or program, the welfare of staff, students, or others that use the services or products of the department, program, or unit, or the reputation of the department, program, or unit.

Factor 7: Physical Effort and Work Environment

Level 1 - 25 Points: The work environment consists of exposure to physical conditions typical of a normal office environment. Most of the job is performed while sitting, although the work may require occasional standing or walking and/or the lifting and carrying of small objects.