Teamster Shift Preference Sheet

The Shift Preference Sheet is used for bidding on Public Safety Officer and Radio Communications Officer shifts. Completion of this form is required for all Public Safety Officers and Radio Communications Officers. Following are instructions and general guidelines for completing the form. If you have any questions that are not covered by these instructions, please contact the Director of Safety & Transportation.

No one will be unwillingly bumped from their current position or shift.

The Shift Preference Sheet and all sections of this process apply only to full time Public Safety Officers and Radio Communications Officers, not supervisors or part-time personnel.

Each shift has been given a numeric identifier or name, for tracking purposes. The first digit (number) reflects the shift, the second digit (letter) reflects the days off (Radio Communications Officer shifts are identified by "D" and the number is the shift, with D4 being the swing shift). These shift names are reflected on the attached shift/days off schedule.

If your current assignment is your first choice, mark it with #1 and stop, as you will not be bumped from a shift that you are currently in. You are still required to complete the form.

Each PSO/RCO should prioritize the shifts on the Shift Preference Sheet form by their preference for being assigned that shift, numbering them in order, with #1 being your first choice.

There should only be one #1 choice, one #2 choice, one #3 choice, etc.

You should assume that ALL shifts may become available at some point, and mark your selections appropriately.

You may update your Shift Preference Sheet during the 5 days the bid sheet is posted. Please be advised that the shift(s) listed on the bid sheet(s) and all subsequent shift(s) openings created by awarding the shift will be filled based on seniority, qualifications, and in accordance with the employee’s Shift Preference Sheet.

You can complete a hard copy of the form and send to HR, OR complete the electronic version and email to the Office of Human Resources by the posted deadline on the bid sheet located in the Office of Human Resources and Safety and Transportation. Download a copy of the form, or contact your supervisor.

Radio Communications Officers need not prioritize shifts if they have no desire to bid on Public Safety Officer vacancies. Simply mark the box indicating that you do not wish to bid on Public Safety Officer shifts.

Keep a copy for your records.