Workers’ Compensation

Unless the injury is life threatening, the injured employee must call the CARO number below for authorized medical care. Employees should report all injures to their supervisors and follow their department reporting procedures. Please be aware that work-related injuries are subject to the provisions of the Workers’ Compensation law. Following the directions received at the CARO medical referral number does not guarantee coverage under Workers’ Compensation.

Important Note: If the injury is life threatening, proceed to the nearest hospital emergency room.

Step 1

Contact CARO at 1-800-624-2354 and Workers’ Compensation to report injury Coordinator, Denise Lofton at 836-5892

Step 2

Print and complete all forms listed below:

The following additional forms may be needed.

Return all signed and completed forms to the Workers’ Compensation Coordinator in the Office of Human Resources, 118 Carrington Hall.

Step 3

Follow directions given by the referral contact above. After the initial assessment, further treatment may be recommended by the treating physician. All treatment must be authorized by CARO in order to be covered under Workers’ Compensation. Failure to obtain authorization for additional treatment may result in denial of payment by CARO.

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