Life Insurance Rates

Employee life insurance benefits

Cigna Insurance Company provides basic term life insurance coverage for employees. Additional life insurance coverage for employees and their dependents may also be purchased from Cigna. The premium rates for the employee supplemental life insurance will not change for 2017 and are shown in the table on the following page. Since these rates are based on 5-year age brackets, if an employee reaches an age in the next higher age bracket during the year, he/she will see his/her insurance premium increase accordingly. The amount of supplemental life insurance which an employee can purchase is based on his/her annual salary and therefore, the supplemental life insurance premium would also increase if he/she receives a salary increase during the year. The premiums for supplemental life insurance are paid through payroll deduction.

Employee supplemental life insurance rates

Age BracketCost per $1,000

Less than age 30


















70 and older*


*Basic and supplemental coverage reduces to 65% at age 70; to 50% at age 75; and to 30% at age 80.

Dependent life insurance benefits

The employee group life insurance plan includes optional dependent term life insurance. Employees may elect dependent coverage from five different levels of coverage. The rates for dependent life insurance will not change for 2017. The table on the following page shows the five levels of coverage and premium rates that are effective for calendar year 2017. The monthly rate is a unit price. Therefore, employees pay the amount shown in the table regardless of whether they cover just a spouse, just a child or children, or a family with spouse and child(ren). Dependent life insurance premiums are paid through payroll deduction.

Dependent life insurance rates

Option (Spouse Wage)Insurance CoverageMonthly Cost

Option 1

Spouse: $10,000

Child(ren): $5,000


Option 2

Spouse: $20,000

Child(ren): $10,000


Option 3

Spouse: $30,000

Child(ren): $20,000


Option 4

Spouse: $40,000

Child(ren): $20,000


Option 5

Spouse: $50,000

Child(ren): $20,000