Job Family 3 Events of 2007

Job analysis

The changing nature of the jobs within Job Family necessitated a review of the job descriptions of Job Family 3 jobs in order to ensure that job descriptions were up-to-date and accurate.

Job description review

Job descriptions must be accurate in order for the jobs to be evaluated properly and placed into appropriate pay grades. With the exception of two jobs, Distributed User Support Specialists (DUSS) and Instructional Technology Support Specialists (ITSS), job description review was conducted by the unit in which the jobs are located to ensure the job descriptions are accurate so they could be evaluated by the Job Evaluation Committee. Job description review was conducted by department heads or was delegated to the direct supervisor of these jobs.


Distributed User Support Specialists and Instructional Technology Support Specialists were individually interviewed by students in Dr. Steve Thomas’ Management 546 (Compensation Management) class to gather information about the job duties of these positions. The compensation team updated those two job descriptions based on this information and any information provided by supervisors about the job duties of those two jobs.

Job evaluation

The Job Family 3 Job Evaluation Plan is made up of 6 compensable factors (education and experience requirements, supervisory responsibility, skill, complexity and technical mastery, budgetary control, work environment and physical demands, and work impact and effect) and can be found by clicking here or on the link on the left side of the page. Each of the compensable factors contains 3 to 13 different levels, and as the levels increase, more of that factor is demanded by a job, and more points are awarded. All jobs were evaluated by a job evaluation committee on each of the compensable factors.

The Job Family 3 Job Evaluation committee consisted of ten employees based on the number of Job Family 3 employees in each major cost center.

Admin AreaEEsPercentage of EEsNumber of JobsPercentage of JobsNumber on Committee
AIS 62 52% 30 42% 5
Provost 37 31% 25 35% 3
Student Affairs 3 3% 3 4% 0
University Advancement 2 2% 1 1% 0
West Plains 9 8% 6 7% 1
RED 5 4% 5 7% 1
President 1   1 1% 0
Total 119 100% 71 100% 10

Appointments to this Job Evaluation Committee were made by the Provost, Chancellor, Vice President for Administrative and Information Services, and Vice President for Research and Economic Development, as indicated above. This committee consisted of incumbents of positions in Job Family 3 or supervisors of incumbents in Job Family 3 positions, as indicated above. Requirements of those appointed to this committee included having several years experience working at the University, having a good understanding of the work done by incumbents in Job Family 3, effective communication skills, the ability to maintain confidentiality of sensitive information, the ability to discuss, collaborate, and compromise to reach consensus, and the ability to make the significant time and effort commitment that serving on this committee demanded.

The Job Family 3 Job Evaluation committee met in April 2007 and evaluated all Job Family 3 jobs using the compensable factors for this Job Family. All meetings were held in the HR Training Room, Carrington 110. Three to four hours of preparation time (rating the fifteen jobs to be evaluated at the upcoming meeting) were required for each meeting.

Appointments to the Job Family 3 Job Evaluation Committee were made in February 2007 in order to allow committee members and their supervisors to plan for their time away from regular responsibilities as well as planned time off work.

Job evaluation committee memebers

  • Kevin Piercy, Coordinator, User Support Services, Computer Services
  • Pat Day, Coordinator of Operations and Systems Programming, Computer Services
  • Nathan Betz, Senior Systems Analyst, Computer Services
  • Mike Kindle, Telecommunications Specialist, Telecommunications Services
  • Sara Clark, Director of Web Services, Web Services
  • Mike McManus, Academic Technology Associate, Office of the Provost
  • Sue McCrory, Computers for Learning Coordinator, Computer Literacy
  • Mike Murphy, Senior Electronics Technician, CNAS Electronic-Computer Support
  • Sue Ingram, Director, Computer Services, West Plains Computer Services
  • Phil Case, Master Control and Network Operations Supervisor TV, OPT Broadcasting.

Development of new pay grades and ranges

Multiple salary surveys were used to determine market pay for as many jobs in Job Family 3 as possible. The salary survey data that was gathered those jobs that had market data, called benchmark jobs, were combined with the results of the job evaluation committee to calculate a pay line. This pay line associates job evaluation points with a dollar amount, enabling a pay rate to be established for jobs that do not have salary survey data. Because jobs typically do not have flat rates, jobs receiving similar point totals were grouped together to form a pay grade. Each new pay grade has an established pay range, with a minimum, midpoint, and maximum value, and all jobs in a pay grade will be paid within this established range.

A preliminary structure of new pay grades and ranges was presented to Job Family 3 leadership prior to submission to Admin Council for approval. Administrative Council reviewed and approved the job structure in November 2007.