Job Family 2 Events of 2007

Development of new pay grades and ranges

Multiple salary surveys were used to determine market pay for as many jobs in Job Family 2 as possible. The salary survey data gathered for those jobs that had market data, called benchmark jobs, was used along with the results of the job evaluation committee to calculate a pay line. This pay line associates job evaluation points with a dollar amount, enabling a pay rate to be established for jobs that do not have salary survey data. Because jobs typically do not have flat rates, jobs receiving similar point totals were grouped together to form a pay grade. Each new pay grade has an established pay range, with a minimum, midpoint, and maximum value, and all jobs in a pay grade will be paid within this established range.
A proposed set of pay grades and ranges was presented to Job Family 2 leadership, and following approval, was forwarded to Administrative Council which approved the pay grades and ranges.