Job Family 2 Events of 2006

Job analysis

In order to ensure that all Job Family 2 job descriptions were up-to-date and accurate, all Job Family 2 job descriptions were reviewed by inpiduals in leadership positions in Job Family 2. Job descriptions were revised and finalized in September of 2006.

Job evaluation

The Job Family 2 Job Evaluation Committee met in November of 2006 and was made up of both supervisors and incumbents of jobs in Job Family 2. Committee members discussed, debated, and came to consensus in selecting the level for each compensable factor for each job. The Job Family 2 Job Evaluation Plan is made up of 9 compensable factors (education and skill requirements, managerial responsibility, guidelines, work contacts, work environment, physical demands, responsibility for facilities, and work complexity) and can be found by clicking here or on the link on the left side of the page.

Job evaluation committee members

  • Keith Boaz, Director HSC and PSC, HSC Administration
  • Ben Boslaugh, Maintenance Supervisor, Facilities Maintenance
  • Robert Barnett, Associate Director, PSU, PSU
  • Steve Braden, Custodial Services Coordinator, Residence Life Custodial Services
  • Suzie Wecker, Assistant Director, Safety, Safety and Transportation
  • Mark McCarty, Printing Service Manager, Printing Services
  • Ronnie Climer, Superintendent Custodial and Grounds, Custodial
  • Laura Pavlick, Coordinator, Property Control, Property Control
  • Matt Morris, Director Business and Support Services, WP Business Office
  • Gerald Anderson, Custodial Specialist, Residence Life and Custodial Services