Job Family 1 Events of 2006

Job analysis

Job Family 1 employees completed a Task Inventory in September 2006; each incumbent selected the job duties they perform and rated them using scales related to time spent, difficulty, and criticality. A link to the Task Inventory and the rating scales can be found on the left side of the page. Information gathered from the Task Inventory, interviews with incumbents, and job description review will be used to produce accurate job descriptions. The Task Inventory was created with the input of a Job Analysis Advisory Committee.

Job analysis advisory committee members

  • Academic
  • Marline Faherty, Administrative Associate, Office of the Provost
  • Joyce Stefka, Executive Assistant, Library Services
  • Lisa McEowen, Library Associate I, Library Services
  • Karen Herron, Executive Assistant, Health and Human Services
  • Nadine Jones, Administrative Secretary, Industrial Management
  • Edie Sartin, Program Specialist, Academic Outreach
  • Valerie Murphy, Administrative Secretary, Graduate Studies Administration
  • Carey Adams, Department Head, Communication
  • Donna Bird, Administrative Secretary, Academic Administration, West Plains Campus
  • Nancy Harris, Administrative Secretary, Music (Staff Senate)
  • Student Affairs
  • Linda Goodman, Administrative Secretary, Residence Life Administration
  • Rose Dunn, Receptionist, Hutchens House
  • Dawn Brixey, Information Supervisor, Admissions Operations
  • Janet Leighton, Academic Records Specialist, Records and Registration
  • Vicki Elders, Administrative Secretary, International Student Program
  • June Varney, Administrative Secretary, Student Life and Development
  • Marilyn Robertson, Administrative Secretary, Taylor Health and Wellness Center
  • Kelly Barnts, Administrative Secretary, Financial Aid (Staff Senate)
  • Marjorie Wieland, Coordinator Career Center, Career Center
  • CFO/AIS/UA/RED/President
  • Nancy Myers, Accounting Manager, Financial Services
  • Nancy Hudson, Senior Accounting Clerk, Financial Services
  • Kim Benton, Senior Cashier, Bursar's Office
  • Tami Bowen, Senior Administrative Clerk, Office of Human Resources
  • Karen Foster, Senior Administrative Clerk, Printing Services
  • Marlys Heeszel, Paralegal, General Counsel
  • Brenda Waters, Administrative Secretary, Annual Funds
  • Sheilla Morris, Executive Assistant, CASE Executive Director
  • LaDonna Hansen, Senior Purchasing Technician, Purchasing (Staff Senate)

For job analysis purposes, Job Family 1 jobs have been divided into two groups: 1) jobs with multiple incumbents located across all units and 2) jobs unique to a particular unit.

Desk audits of multiple incumbent jobs located in all major cost centers

The Compensation Team (Dr. Steve Thomas, Management; Joyce Bisges, Graduate Assistant; and Lyn McKenzie, Classification/Compensation Manager) interviewed employees in multiple incumbent jobs that are located across all cost centers (Executive Assistants, Administrative Secretaries, Secretaries, Sr. Administrative Clerks, and Administrative Clerks) in order to provide context to the information gathered in the Task Inventory. Desk audits of the 244 incumbents of these jobs began November 27, 2006 and continued through April 2007. These positions were slotted into fourteen new, more appropriate jobs. Job descriptions for these new jobs were prepared by the Compensation Team and were reviewed for accuracy by the Job Family 1 Job Evaluation Committee in May 2007. The Office of Equity and Diversity also reviewed the new job descriptions.

Job description review for jobs unique to a unit

Some Job Family 1 employees are the only incumbent in a job or are in a multiple incumbent job unique to a particular unit. A job description review was conducted by the unit in which these jobs were located to ensure the job descriptions were accurate for job evaluation by the Job Evaluation Committee.

Job descriptions must describe the major and essential job duties of job; the job description should not contain every job duty. The required education, experience, and skills must describe the minimum qualifications that are necessary for someone to perform the major job duties. The minimum qualifications cannot exceed those possessed by current incumbents. Changes to qualifications were reviewed by Human Resources to assure that they are the minimum required to qualify someone to do the job and that they would not exclude otherwise qualified applicants from being considered for the job.

Many of these job descriptions have been created or revised in recent years and no changes were needed.

Revised job descriptions were forwarded through the regular job description approval process, although signatures on a Job Description Approval form were not required. Revisions were delivered to HR by the office of the major cost center administrator (President, Provost, CFO, Chancellor, or Vice President) to indicate that they have been approved through the normal chain of command. HR reviewed the proposed revisions for clarity, format, and compliance with policy and applicable laws and updated the official version of the job description. All revisions were due in HR by March 30, 2007 in order to have them ready for the work of the Job Evaluation committee.