Job Family 2 Important Dates and Deadlines

Job Family 2 dates and deadlines


10/2006 Meetings with Job Family 2 incumbents to describe the processes involved with the Compensation Project

Job analysis

8/30/06 Meet with Job Family 2 leadership to discuss the job description review process.
9/25/06 - 10/13/06 Revision of job descriptions as determined by Job Family 2 leadership.

Job evaluation

10/9/06 Appointment of a single Job Evaluation committee
10/30/06 - 11/17/06 Job Family 2 Job Evaluation committee meets to evaluate all Job Family 2 jobs using compensable factors to assign points to each job.
11/20/06 - Indefinite The Compensation Team develops new pay grades and ranges for all Job Family 2 jobs. Benchmark jobs priced with salary survey data and a pay line is developed by associating job evaluation points with a dollar value for benchmark jobs.
10/2007 Admin Council reviews the pay grade and range assignments.