Appraisal and Development Plan (ADP) Quick Reference Sheet

Instructions: All annual performance appraisals will occur between October 1st and January 31st . The Appraisal and Development Plan quick reference sheet provides the supervisor with a brief overview of the appraisal form and process.

  1. ADP Form Heading: Complete the following identifying information in the heading area of the form:
    1. Employee Name and BearPass Number (New)
    2. Supervisor Name and BearPass Number (New)
    3. Job Title
    4. Department
    5. Review Month and Review Year
    6. Type of Appraisal (Select One)
      1. Annual or
      2. Probationary: 3 MO, or 6 MO
  2. Rating Scale: Rating scale is used for both Sections 1 and 2 of the ADP form. The scale is: 5 (Exceptional), 4 (Commendable), 3 (Competent), 2 (Development Needed), and 1 (Unsatisfactory).
  3. Section 1 Objectives/Job Duties, Performance Standards, and Appraisal: Section 1 matrix is divided into five (5) areas. Columns (a) through (c) are completed during the planning period meeting. Columns (d) and (e) are completed at the performance appraisal meeting.
    1. Objectives/Job Duties: List job duties (nonexempt) or objectives (exempt) for the employee in this area for the rating period. The job duties or objectives listed are the result of the appraisal planning meeting between the supervisor and employee.
    2. Measurable Outcomes: Outcomes should be objective and quantifiable as they relate to the employee’s performance objectives or job duties.
    3. Supporting Resources: List new or additional resources that the employee will need to achieve the outcomes. Examples of resources are training, attending a conference, money, people, or specialized equipment.
    4. Rating Scale: Evaluate the employee’s performance at the end of the rating period based on job duties/objectives and measurable outcomes on a scale of 1 to 5. Uses the rating scale provided at the top of the form to rate performance and please refer to the ADP Plan Guidebook for a more detailed explanation.
    5. Comments: Provide additional information to support or reinforce rating of performance. Comments should be provided for ratings of less than competent.
  4. Section 1 Score: Calculate employee’s score for Section 1 by adding up the ratings for column (d) and dividing the total number by the number of rated objectives. The section 1 Score will range between 1 and 5. Enter the calculated score in the area provided for the Section 1 score.
  5. Section 2 Organizational Values, Behaviors, and Competencies: Section 2 lists organizational values, behaviors, and competencies that are expected of all University employees in the conduct of their job responsibilities. Evaluate the employee on a scale of 1 to 5 for each of the 20 factors listed in Section 2. Use the scale described in number 2 of this reference sheet and located below the heading information on the form. Comments should be provided for ratings of less than competent.
  6. Section 2 Score: Calculate the employee’s score for Section 2 by adding up the ratings for each factor and dividing the total number by 20. Section 2 Score will range between 1 and 5. Enter the calculated score in the area provided for Section 2 Score.
  7. Section 3 Overall Performance Appraisal Score and Comments: Section 3 provides an overall evaluation of the employee’s performance during the rating period to include the Performance Appraisal Score and includes any written comments from the supervisor and the employee. This area is completed and discussed during the performance appraisal meeting.
    1. Overall Performance Appraisal Score: The overall performance appraisal score is calculated by adding Section 1 and Section 2 scores and then dividing the total by 2. The overall performance rating score will range between 1 and 5. Enter the calculated score in the area provided for the Overall Performance Appraisal Score.
    2. Supervisor Comments: The supervisor should enter comments addressing the employee’s overall performance in this area in preparation for the performance appraisal meeting.
    3. Employee Comments: Employees should be able to enter any comments in this area after participating in the performance appraisal meeting and receiving their completed appraisal. Provide the employee with a reasonable amount of time to complete this area for comments.
  8. Section 4 Signatures: Both the supervisor and the employee are required to sign and date the ADP to verify that the Performance Planning Meeting and the Performance Appraisal Meeting was conducted.
    1. Performance Planning: A signature indicates that the employee has reviewed and understood the performance expectations for the rating period.
    2. Mid-Year Performance Feedback: This meeting is required for all employees who are performing at a less than competent level in any area. A Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) should also be initiated at this time. The mid-year meeting is optional for all others. Both the supervisor and the employee should sign and date the form to verify the meeting.
    3. Performance Appraisal: A signature indicates that the completed appraisal has been reviewed and discussed with the employee and not necessarily agreement. If an employee refuses to sign, please indicate such on the signature line. Provide a signed copy of the appraisal to the employee and forward the original to Human Resources.
    4. Reviewer Signature: A signature and date is required by the reviewing authority (next line of supervision) when an employee receives a less than competent overall rating. Optional for others.
  9. Probationary 3-Month and 6-Month Appraisals: The purpose of the appraisal during the probationary period is to determine the employee’s suitability for continued employment. A rating of 3 (Competent) represents satisfactory progress has been made in learning the job which is a different standard than a rating of 3 (Competent) for annual appraisals. Please refer to the Employee Handbook, Chapter 5 for more information on the probationary appraisals and process.
  10. Additional comments: Send the original signed ADP form to the Office of Human Resources. Please refer to the Office of Human Resources ADP website for additional information and resources on the ADP form and process. Contact the Office of Human Resources, Employee Development and Performance for assistance with the process.