Audiology Pathway Year 4

By the end of year four, students pursuing the Audiology Pathway must complete the following requirements:

HPS Retention Requirements:

  • Earn a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.5; GPA may not fall below a 3.25 in any semester
  • Accumulate at least 500 hours of clinical observation, health-related volunteer experience, internship, or direct (hands-on) patient healthcare experience
  • Receive positive supervisor evaluation at clinical observation site
  • Continue active membership in at least one student healthcare organization (i.e. NSSLHA and SAA)
  • Attend at least one group advising session conducted by the HPS committee
  • Provide evidence of endorsement of MSU Public Affairs Mission by completing a minimum of 30 hours of community service (please note - hours completed as part of service learning or for scholarship renewal will be counted)
  • Complete application for professional program of choice and all pre-requisite materials

Audiology Pathway Requirements:

  • NSSLHA and SAA student society membership and regular attendance at meetings is required. Of your 500 healthcare experience hours, a minimum of 100 of those must be in an audiology setting. These must be distributed across at least two different types of settings (i.e. hospital, private practice, etc.). It is highly recommended that you work with the audiology clinical offsite/externship coordinator to determine appropriate observation sites. Service learning hours and observation hours obtained to meet course requirements may be counted toward the total (500) hour requirement.
  • No less than a "C" is required in all AUD pathway requirements with the exception of BMS 307 and 308, which must be passed with a "B-"
  • Prepare and submit application to MSU Audiology Program