Audiology Pathway Year 3

By the end of year three, students pursuing the Audiology Pathway must complete the following requirements:

HPS Retention Requirements:

  • Earn a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.5; GPA may not fall below a 3.25 in any semester
  • Accumulate at least 275 hours of clinical observation, health-related volunteer experience, internship, or direct (hands-on) patient healthcare experience (see Audiology Pathway Requirement below)
  • Receive positive supervisor evaluation at clinical observation site
  • Continue active membership in at least one student healthcare organization (i.e. NSSLHA and SAA)
  • Schedule and complete a mock interview with the MSU Career Center
  • Attend at least one group advisement session conducted by the HPS Committee
  • Finalize selected HPS Pathway and undergraduate major by the beginning of Year 3
  • Provide evidence of endorsement of MSU Public Affairs Mission by completing a minimum of 30 hours of community service (please note - hours completed through service learning or for the purposes of scholarship renewal will be counted)

  • Complete the following course with a "C" or better:
    • PSY 200: Statistics
  • Complete the following courses with a "B-" or better:
    • BMS 307: Human Anatomy
    • BMS 308: Human Physiology

Audiology Pathway Requirements:

  • At least 25 of the 275 observation hours must be in an audiology setting. It is highly recommended that students work with the audiology clinical offsite/externship coordinator to determine appropriate observation sites.
  • No less than a "C" may be earned in the AUD pathway requirements; BMS 307 and 308 are the exceptions requiring a minimum of a "B-".