Green Dots for Faculty

Reactive Green Dots for Faculty

  • Know your campus and local service providers!
  • Educate yourself on signs of potential partner violence, sexual assault and stalking and ways you can do to help.
  • Trust your gut! Take time to inquire and express your concern to someone if something doesn't "sit well with you."
  • If you encounter someone who is a victim; ask them, "Do you feel safe?" and "What do you need?"
  • If you encounter someone who is showing high risk behaviors; tell them, "I care about what is going on with you and am concerned about your choices." or "Aggression and violent behaviors are not okay and will not be tolerated here."

Proactive Green Dots for Faculty

  • Show your support by hanging a Green Dot poster in your classroom.
  • Ask your classes, "Has anyone done any Green Dots lately?"
  • Get training on warning signs of perpetration and vicitimization and respond when you see them.
  • Make adjustments to your syllabus to reflect that "I'm a Green Dot supporter."
  • Share your own experience -- may be your own bystander story.
  • Work with administration to ensure strong violence prevention and response policies.
  • Add a Green Dot statement to your signature line.
  • Assign books and papers about violence prevention.
  • Have a coffee cup or water bottle with an anti-violence message.
  • Collaborate and discuss with other departments on ways to support survivors, improve safety and generate hope.
  • Wear a Green Dot pin on your coat/jacket lapel.