Your Budget Analyst

Role of assigned analysts

Your Analyst serves as your primary point of contact for your cost center. Analysts help with budget tracking, developing and maintaining efficient accounting processes including internal billings and budget/expense transfers and provide effective communication of processes between financial services and the cost center. Analysts are available for specific policy and procedural questions about all Accounting and Budgeting processes.

To provide quality customer service for cost centers we have assigned analysts to specific Cost Centers below:

Cost Center Assignments
Cost Center Primary Analyst Back-up Analyst
President Jennifer Severson Kelly Dalton
Athletics Kelly Dalton Jennifer Severson
HSC/JQH/PSC Jennifer Severson Kelly Dalton
JKHHPA Jennifer Severson Kelly Dalton
Provost Jennifer Severson Kristin Bilyeu
COAL Sheri Ballard Kristin Bilyeu
COB Sheri Ballard Kristin Bilyeu
COE Sheri Ballard Kristin Bilyeu
CHHS Kelly Dalton Sheri Ballard
CHPA Kristin Bilyeu Sheri Ballard
CNAS Kristin Bilyeu Jennifer Severson
Graduate College Sheri Ballard Kristin Bilyeu
Library Sheri Ballard Kristin Bilyeu
College of Agriculture Sheri Ballard Kristin Bilyeu
Internal Audit and Risk Management Jennifer Severson Kelly Dalton
CIO - Information Services Jennifer Severson Kelly Dalton
CFO Jennifer Severson Kelly Dalton
VP - Administrative Services Kristin Bilyeu Jennifer Severson
Transit Kristin Bilyeu Jennifer Severson
VP - Marketing and Communications Jennifer Severson Kelly Dalton
VP - Res & Economic Development Kristin Bilyeu Sheri Ballard
VP - Student Affairs - Academic & Non-Academic Kelly Dalton Jennifer Severson
Bookstore Kelly Dalton Jennifer Severson
Res Life Kelly Dalton Jennifer Severson
Plaster Student Union Kelly Dalton Jennifer Severson
Magers Health and Wellness Center Kelly Dalton Jennifer Severson
University Rec Center Kelly Dalton Jennifer Severson
VP - University Advancement Kristin Bilyeu Sheri Ballard
Capital Project Accounts - Across cost centers Michel Hackworth Beth Hale
Chancellor - West Plains Kristin Bilyeu Jennifer Severson
China Jennifer Severson Kelly Dalton