Your Budget Analyst


To provide quality customer service for cost centers we have assigned analysts to specific cost centers

Role of Assigned Analysts:

  • Serve as primary point of contact for heads of cost centers and their financial support staff
  • Work with cost centers to:
    • track budget development
    • develop and maintain efficient accounting processes, including internal billings and transfers
    • develop and maintain effective and efficient communications processes between Financial Services and the cost center
    • keep account numbers and budget authority up-to-date
    • become knowledgeable about the business processes of the cost center and document procedures for the benefit of both the cost center and Financial Services
    • answer questions about Financial Services policies and procedures *

* While analysts may not be able to immediately answer a specific question, they are expected to research and respond to queries about Financial Services procedures.  If a person working in a department has the experience and background to know who to contact in Financial Services for specific questions, he/she can contact that person.  But if a person is unsure, he/she should contact the assigned analyst.


Behind the scenes…

Within Financial Services, we will be continually working as a team to:

  • develop training and resource materials
  • improve communication practices
  • maintain consistency in our services