Foundation Reports

Foundation reports are designed to reflect activity within the Foundation's various Fund types and include financial information at various levels of account detail by Fund and Organization. Fund and Organization selections may be made for either an individual Fund or Organization code, or for one of the hierarchical "roll-up" Cost Center, Division, or Department group codes. If a group code is selected, all areas within that group will be reported individually with totals for each division. Any information returned will always be based on authorized Fund/Organization access.

Unrestricted Fund Reports include Budget-to-Actual comparison reports for the Foundation's Unrestricted Fund (FA2000). Budget information is provided by Departmental Organization. An Organization code, Fiscal Year, Month and Campus (Springfield or West Plains) must be specified. Reports include Adopted Budget, Permanent and Temporary Budget Adjustments, YTD Activity, Encumbrances and Remaining Balance Available. The Transaction Summary report will also include Budget Pool totals for reference as well as a Current column to easily identify transactions occurring within the reported period.

Restricted and Endowed Fund Reports include Activity and Balance reports for the Foundation's Restricted (FN) or Endowed (FS) Funds. Activity and balance amounts are provided by Departmental Organization for each fund reported. A Fund and Organization code must be specified, along with the Fiscal Year and Month. Reports include Fund Balance Forward, Revenue, Expense and Transfer Activity, Balance Encumbered, and resulting Fund Net Assets Balance.