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Banner Finance Upgrade - June 2017

Banner Finance has been upgraded to a new version of Internet Native Banner (INB), called Adminstrative Banner. The upgrade provides a user friendly interface and is easier to navigate. Along with being mobile and ios friendly, Administrative banner has a number of benefits. For more information on Administrative Banner and updated information on the upgrade, please visit the Computer Services Help Desk - Banner Page

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Administrative Banner Finance functions are available to departments within the Finance Division and provides General Accounting, Budget and Position Control, Procurement, Approval Processing, Accounts Payable, Fixed Asset, and Research Accounting functions to the various Finance Division departments.

Self-Service Banner (SSB) Finance will also be upgraded in the near future. Self-Service Banner is available to authorized university departmental users across campus. These functions allow departmental users to review and manage their authorized budgets as well as initiate and approve requisitions for purchases to be charged against those budgets. More information on the upgrade will be provided as we get closer to implementation. 

Accessing Self-Service Banner (SSB) or Internet Native Banner (INB)

Bear Finance reports

Bear Finance reports are available to administrators who wish to view an overall budget status for those organizations over which they have budget authority. The Organization Summary reports may be run for a "roll-up" Cost Center, Division, or Department group, and will report total budget and total revenue, expenditures, or transfers as appropriate for Operating, Non-Operating Unbudgeted, Non-Operating Budgeted, or Grant and Project University fund types.

SSB features

Self-Service Banner Finance features resources available to departmental users who process purchases and monitor the budgeted balance available for those purchases. 

Summary of SSB Finance Features

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