Travel Expense Reports - Help Sheet

Before submitting, make sure you have:

  • Original itemized receipts for anything over $10.00
  • Full conference/symposium schedule
  • Original signatures (claimant & approver)
  • Currency conversion (use Oanda)
  • Departure/arrival times
  • FOAP
  • Mileage (use MSU address & provide mileage printout)
  • Your M number

These items are NOT reimbursable

  • Day trip meals (this includes snacks –other food drinks)
  • Missouri sales tax (restaurants are okay, not hotels)
  • Alcohol (only acceptable if with guests of the University & paid by the Foundation)
  • Travel insurance/bag insurance
  • If meals are provided during a conference, purchasing outside meals is not reimbursable (this includes additional meals, snacks, and drinks)

Helpful info

  • When traveling overnight, you receive $57 for your daily meal limit (this DOES include tipping)
  • Employees are allotted the following amounts: Breakfast $12, Lunch $15, Dinner $30 (this DOES include tipping)
  • Do not add 10% to mileage, it will be reduced to actual mileage
  • Use mileage, not gas receipts unless you are using a rental car/university vehicle
  • If you are wanting direct deposit, make sure you are set up for non-payroll direct deposit before submitting a travel expense report –it will delay the processing
  • If submitting a report for a new employee or candidate (someone without an M number), provide their SSN

Travel Policies and Guidelines