Program Requirements

Prerequisite courses

The following foundation courses (or their equivalents) are considered prerequisite courses for the Graduate Certificate in Financial Analysis program:

ACC 600 - Accounting Concepts for Managers (typical equivalent is ACC 201 and ACC 211)

ECO 600 - Fundamentals of Economics (typical equivalent is ECO 155 and ECO 165)

FIN 600 - Managerial Finance (typical equivalent is FIN 380 with a grade of B- or better)

QBA 600 - Statistical Methods in Business Research (typical equivalent is QBA 237 and QBA 337)

A student that has completed an undergraduate degree in finance or a related field will generally have satisfied most or all of the prerequisite course requirements.

Required courses (12 - 18 hrs)

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
FIN 7801 Advanced Financial Management 3 hrs
FIN 785 Investment Management 3 hrs
FIN 787 Seminar in Derivatives 3 hrs
FIN 6822 International Financial Management 0-3 hrs
FIN 6863 International Financial Statement Analysis 0-3 hrs

FIN 699


FIN 799

Directed Study for CFA Level I Exam


Directed Study for CFA Level II Exam

3 hrs

1 If the student has already taken FIN 390 and FIN 480, QBA 775 must be taken in place of FIN 780.

2 Can be waived if the student achieved a grade of B- or higher in FIN 582.

3 Can be waived if the student has a grade of B- or higher in FIN 586 or ACC 504/604.

GPA requirement

A 3.00 GPA or higher is required in the student's 12-18 hour certificate plan of study.  No course with a grade of C- or below can be used for the program.