Dual Credit Finance Course

Interested in dual credit opportunities?

We are proud to offer our personal finance course (FIN 150) via dual credit for students. We have designed this dual credit course to be a hybrid course. This means that high school teachers cover state-mandated finance competencies while we provide supplemental content via our lectures.

Lectures are available on iTunes University. Alternatively, your school can purchase DVDs containing the lectures and duplicate them for students who do not wish to watch the lectures online.

Teachers are also encouraged to use Missouri State University’s Blackboard for online quizzes, announcements for students and more.

Course requirements

To meet course requirements and earn dual credit for FIN 150, students must:

  • Register for the course through the dual credit office.
  • Pass the high school personal finance class or the courses that cover personal finance competencies. High school teachers should inform the personal finance coordinator with this information within one week of the end of the high school semester.
  • Grades will be determined using scores on quizzes, a final exam and a personal financial plan submitted to the personal finance coordinator.

Personal Finance Dual Credit

In addition to our coursework for enrolled students, we currently offer a dual credit personal finance class through local high schools. Lectures for this course are available through our highly rated lecture series on iTunes U. In this course, you will learn about concepts such as budgeting, insurance, investing and more.


For questions about content and procedures, contact the personal finance coordinator.

For questions about dual credit and enrollment, contact Debbie Penn.