Knowles Math & Science Teaching Fellowships Program

Description: In the United States, approximately half of all secondary teachers leave the teaching profession within five years. Research on issues of recruitment, retention and induction of secondary science and mathematics teachers indicates that among key challenges facing beginning teachers are a sense of professional isolation and a lack of support and mentoring. The Knowles Science Teaching Foundation (KSTF) Teaching Fellowship program was explicitly designed to meet these needs of beginning high school science and mathematics teachers as they earn a teaching credential and through the early years of their career.
KSTF Teaching Fellowship program seeks to support those who have a degree in a physical science (for example, physics, chemistry or astronomy) or engineering and who want to teach high school physics, physical science, chemistry and/or Earth science. In addition, the Knowles Science Teaching Foundation is recruiting their fourth mathematics-teaching cohort. Those with at least a bachelor's degree in mathematics who want to teach high school mathematics are eligible. The fellowship supports them professionally and financially for up to five years through a teacher preparation program to eligibility for tenure.
Dollar Value: Tuition assistance and monthly stipend while participating in a recognized teacher preparation program. Fellows receive room, board and travel expenses to annual fall and spring fellows' meetings.
Number of Scholarships: Each year the Foundation selects 9 to 14 new Science Teaching Fellows and 9 to 14 new Math Teaching Fellows.
  • Young men and women who have earned or are in the process of earning a degree in one of the physical sciences such as physics, chemistry, astronomy, geology, engineering and/or mathematics from a recognized institution of higher education. KSTF does not currently provide teaching fellowships for the biological sciences.
  • Applicants should have received their most recent degree within the past five years. Also an applicant might be in the final year of an undergraduate, master's, combined BS with MAT or MEd program or near the completion of a doctoral program.
Application Procedures:

KSTF Teaching Fellowships support individuals with exceptional science and mathematics content knowledge who are committed to teaching high school in the United States.

  • Physical Science Teaching Fellowships support those with at least a bachelor's degree in a physical science (for example, physics, chemistry or astronomy) or engineering
  • Mathematics Teaching Fellowships support individuals with at least a bachelor's degree in mathematics or mathematical content preparation equivalent to a mathematics major
  • Biological Science Teaching Fellowships support individuals with at least a bachelor's degree in contemporary biology or other life science

The teaching fellowships are renewable for up to five years.

Deadline: September 2013
Jennifer Mossgrove, EdD, Program Officer, Mathematics
Roseanne Rostock, Program Officer, Science
Phone: 856-608-0001
Fax: 856-608-0008
Frequently Asked Questions
What type of person is a good candidate for a KSTF Teaching Fellowship?
KSTF Teaching Fellows are individuals with a strong background in mathematics or science who demonstrate a commitment to improving high school science and mathematics education in the United States. An ideal candidate can demonstrate leadership and achievement in past endeavors, has experience with adolescents and/or teaching, and can articulate his/her motivation for becoming a teacher.
Is the fellowship need-based?
KSTF Teaching Fellowships are NOT awarded based on need (financial or otherwise), but rather on ability and promise.
Who is eligible to apply for a Teaching Fellowship?
Individuals are eligible to apply for a Teaching Fellowship if they will have earned at least a bachelor's degree in a physical science, mathematics or engineering before the fellowship begins in June. In addition, candidates must enroll in a secondary teacher credential program before the fellowship is awarded. Individuals who have completed the fourth year of a five-year combined bachelors and credential program by the start of the fellowship are also eligible to apply. Those who are currently enrolled in a teacher education program and will be first-year teachers in fall also are welcome to apply. KSTF does not currently support Teaching Fellowships for the biological sciences.
Are non-U.S. citizens eligible if their bachelor's degree is not from a college or university in the United States?
Individuals who are not citizens or who hold degrees from outside the United States are still eligible. However, they must be committed to teaching science or mathematics in U.S. high schools.
Do you only accept recent college graduates?
Applicants must be within five years of their most recent degree in science, engineering or mathematics. However, some of our fellows have recently completed masters or doctoral degrees. The fellowship is not intended for individuals who have long-established careers and are considering a career change to teaching.
Are applicants with no previous teaching experience or prior coursework in education eligible?
Yes. Individuals with no formal education coursework or experience in teaching are encouraged to apply. The Fellowship is intended to attract individuals with strong mathematics or science backgrounds into the teaching profession.
Are current teachers eligible?
New teachers who are not yet certified, but are working on coursework leading to a teaching license, are eligible to apply. KSTF offers up to two years of tuition assistance for coursework leading to certification, even for teachers who are studying part-time. However, only full-time students receive a monthly stipend.
Are current teachers with teaching certificate eligible?
Certified math or science teachers are not eligible for KSTF Teaching Fellowships.
What about teaching under an emergency certification?
Teachers working under emergency certification who wish to earn their full teaching credential are eligible to apply.