The Belgian American Education Foundation

Description: The Belgian American Educational Foundation (BAEF) encourages students to apply for advanced study or research at a Belgian university or institution of higher learning. BAEF Fellows must reside in Belgium during the tenure of their fellowship.  Applicants should make their own arrangements to register or affiliate with a Belgian university or research institution.

Dollar Value: One year stipend of $24,000 and health insurance. Minimum fellowship period is six months.  If less than one year of fellowship is completed, the stipend will be prorated accordingly.

Number of Fellowships: Up to 8 awarded each year.


  • United States citizen
  • Have Masters degree (or equivalent degree) or be working toward Ph.D. (or equivalent degree)
  • Preference is given to applicants under the age of 30 with reading and speaking knowledge of Dutch, French, or German.

Application Procedures: In addition to the application, must also obtain three letters of recommendation, letter of nomination from the dean of his/her school, brief biographical statement, statement of purpose.

Application Deadline: TBA 

Contact Information


Campus Representative:
Dr. Jeremy Chesman
Fellowships Coordinator:
Scott Handley, Honors College, University Hall 212