Open Educational Resources Zero Textbook Course Grant Recipients

Open Educational Resources “Zero Textbook” Course Development Grants (2019-2020)

These faculty received a $2,400 stipend to work with OER specialists in the Meyer Library and Instructional Designers in the FCTL for support with creating open educational resources or adopting the use of OER’s in their course and eliminating textbook costs for students. Below are the 2019-2010 Grant recipients.

Mitzi Kirkland-Ives and Catherine Jolivette
Mitzi Kirkland-Ives and Catherine Jolivette

Course: History of Western Art I & II

Doug Gouzie
Douglas Gouzie

Course: Principles of Geology

Catherine Hoegeman
Catherine Hoegeman

Course: Introduction to Society

Jason Anthony Shepard
Jason Anthony Shepard

Course: World Cultures

Ruth Walker and Leslie Echols
Ruth Walker and Leslie Echols

Course: Psychological Statistical Methods

Subhasree Basu Roy
Subhasree Basu Roy

Course: Principles of Macroeconomics

Matthew Siebert
Matthew Siebert

Course: Essentials of Organic Chemistry Laboratory

Robert Sam Brown
Sam Brown

Course: Intermediate Algebra

Fran Zhou and Sam Brown
Course: Contemporary Mathematics

 Richard Belshoff
Richard Belshoff and Fran Zhou

Course: Pre-Calculus Mathematics


The FCTL is partnering with Meyer Library to support faculty in the creation of a “Zero Textbook” course.  This special Curriculum Innovation grant will support faculty efforts to reduce student costs associated with textbooks and course materials while maintaining a high-quality course design and high-impact learning experiences for students.

Available Funding:

A $2,400 stipend per course will be awarded to faculty who review and create, adopt and/or adapt Open Educational Resources to design their course as a “Zero Textbook” course.


Any course with a total enrollment of 150 students or more in an academic semester is eligible for consideration. Proposals may be submitted by a single faculty member or up to three faculty members working collaboratively to create Open Educational Resources for a single course.

Call for Proposals

The call will be open October 14, 2019 until November 8, 2019.

Resources on OER:

Additional information for finding and using Open Educational Resources can be found at:


Faculty can contact the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning or Meyer Library Research and Instructional Services for assistance developing their OER proposal.