FCTL Teaching Awards

Call for Nominations:  - FCTL Teaching Awards

The FCTL Faculty Teaching Awards recognize the outstanding achievements of faculty.  Because effective teaching can be accomplished through many different approaches or modalities, the FCTL Advisory Council wants to recognize faculty contributions in areas that are important to the mission and long-term goals at Missouri State University.

Deadline:  Submit application to fctl@missouristate.edu by January 31, 2019.
Late submissions will not be accepted.

Awards will be made in the following areas:

  • Online Teaching NEW AWARD!!
    • This award is mdeled after the Online Learning Consortium’s (OLC) “Excellence and Innvation in Online Teaching” award and successful recipients f the FCTL Online Teaching award will be submitted to this national competition.  This award uses OLC’s benchmarks t recognize faculty that have implemented a creative approach to an instructional challenge, created well-designed course materials and appropriate instructional strategies, demonstrated evidence of rapport (community and engagement) with online learners, and demonstrated evidence of achieving desired learning outcomes in the online course(s).  https://nlinelearningconsortium.org/about/olc-awards/excellence-online-teaching/ 
  • Accessibility
    • Accessible learning prvides all students with equitable access and opportunity for student success regardless of disabilities.  This award recgnizes faculty who have taken a proactive approach toward accessible teaching practices, course design, and ensuring all instructional materials are accessible.
  • Diversity
    • Students cme to the university with many different experiences, different ways of seeing the world, and different expectations.  This award recgnizes faculty who focus on culturally responsive teaching and faculty who demonstrate a scholarly approach integrating diversity into the classroom.
  • High Impact Learning
    • High impact learning practices demand cnsiderable time and effort, involve learning outside of the classroom, encourage collaboration and meaningful interactions with faculty and other students, and provide frequent and substantive feedback.  This award recgnizes faculty who have adopted teaching strategies that focus on the students’ ability to critically reflect on their own assumptions, beliefs, and basic worldviews.

Eligibility: Full-time faculty members with at least one year of teaching experience at MSU. 

Application Criteria:

  • Letter of interest from the faculty member that provides a philosophy of teaching encompassing one of the focus areas: accessibility, diversity, or high impact learning.
  • Letter of support from their department head.
  • Up to three supporting artifacts that provide evidence of their accomplishments in their chosen focus area.  
    • Faculty should choose supporting artifacts that characterize their teaching and are suitable to their particular discipline or learning context. For the Online Teaching award please refer to description referencing OLC's benchmarks.
    • Student evaluation feedback may be used in situations where students speak directly to teaching effectiveness. 
    • Innovative or meaningful assignments and assessments that provide evidence of student learning may be included or described.  Please respect student privacy when providing evidence of such outcomes.

Recipients will receive their FCTL Faculty Teaching Award at the All-Faculty Recognition Reception.

The FCTL Advisory Council will invite recipients of this award to preside over a panel discussion at the annual Showcase on Teaching and Learning. 

Contact the fctl@missouristate.edu if you have any questions about the application criteria or the selection process.

Call for Nominations:  FCTL Per-Course Faculty Award

The FCTL Per-Course Faculty Award recognizes the commitment and contributions of part-time faculty members in helping students at Missouri State achieve academic success.  This may done by bringing experiences from their field of work into the classroom, through innovative teaching, mentoring or advising students, or other ways of helping students to be successful academically and professionally.

Application Criteria:

  • Letters of Nomination from department head, program coordinator, or faculty member.

Nomination Deadline: January 31st 2019.

Per-Course Faculty Award recipients will be recognized at the All-Faculty Recognition Reception.