FCTL Advisory Council

Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning Advisory Council

Purpose: To support the FCTL’s general mission and to advise the FCTL Director and staff on services and programs supporting faculty in their roles as teachers, learners, and scholars. A council member is selected from each college.

2019-2020 Council Members:

Chuck Hermans: MKT, COB - FCTL Faculty Fellow, Chair Chair
Sarah Nixon: RFT, COE  
Bret Garland: CRM, CHPA  
Jessica Bennett: LIBR  
Leslie Echols: PSY, CHHS  
Seth Hoelscher: FGB, COB  
John Turner: ENG, COAL  
Marilyn Odneal: COAG  
Helena Metzker: MTH, CNAS  
Glenda Harrison: Adjunct Faculty  

Ex-officio Members:

Nancy Gordon: Director, FCTL

Judith Martinez: Diversity Fellow: MCL, COAL

Chris Craig: Deputy Provost

Saibal Mitra: Faculty Senate Chair

Cameron Wickham: Faculty Senate Chair-elect

Rachelle Darabi: Associate Provost, Student Development & Public Affairs

Keri Franklin: Assessment

Eric Nelson: Accessible Learning Mentor, (on Sabbatical 2019-2020)

Terms of Service:

The FCTL Advisory Council is comprised of seven (7) ranked faculty members, each representing their college and named by their respective Deans; two (2) Provost Fellows, named by the Provost; and the Chair of the Faculty Senate. Faculty members serve a two-year term. Ex-officio members include the Director of the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning; the Associate Provost for Student Development and Public Affairs; and the Deputy Provost. The Chair of the Faculty Senate and the two (2) Provost Fellows will be appointed to the committee on a yearly basis.