Faculty Testimonials

Dr. Shannon Wooden

Shannon Wooden


"This is such a valuable resource for our campus. Not only did it materially improve my scholarship (I got the book contract I was aiming for), but it made me feel like my scholarship is truly supported and not just expected. SO valuable. Please keep them coming!!!"

Dr. Cathy Pearman

Cathy Pearman

Reading, Foundations & Technology

"During the past year, the writing retreats represented the only dedicated writing time I could work into my schedule."

Dr. Gilbert O. Brown

Gilbert O. Brown

Counseling, Leadership & Special Education

"The 2011–2012 monthly faculty retreat provided me a regular block of time to write away from campus/home. I developed and submitted a book proposal and one journal article during the retreat sessions."

Michelle Day

Michelle Day

School of Social Work

"[The writing retreat] was great, great, great. I received help personally on the writer’s block that I experience, I had time to start, further and complete some projects. I was able to use the time to meet with others who are writing with me, supported by the food which probably got all of us there. "

Beth Williamson

Beth Williamson

Physical Therapy

"If I write in my office, I am continually disrupted by staff and students. The immediate issue almost always the higher priority, but I am not disrupted when I am at a writer's retreat.."