Retreats Support Writing and Research

In the 2011–2012 academic year, the Provost’s Office hosted nine faculty writing retreats over 10 days. A survey was sent to 33 attendees who participated to varying degrees during the year. Instructors (5.6%), assistant professors (38.9%), associate professors (50%), and professors (5.6%) replied to the survey at a 61% return rate.

View Faculty Writing Retreat Summary Report

  • 52% of faculty reported that the dedicated and flexible writing time increased submissions for publication compared to previous semesters.
  • 78.9% reported increased research writing.
  • 100% reported they would attend future writing retreats
  • 79% reported that writing retreats helped them set better writing goals.
  • 73.7% report that the writing retreats have increased productivity in the area of scholarly writing.