Faculty Programs

Are you looking for resources on how to create a classroom culture of inclusion and respect that can improve student success?

College classrooms are becoming more and more diverse including students from different cultures, family backgrounds, and disabilities.  Join the Faculty Diversity Fellow, Dr. Judith Martinez for discussion on these topics, Lunch and Learns, and Book Talks.  Information on dates and times is available on the Calendar of Events https://calendar.missouristate.edu/ and through MyLearning Connection.  Registration is requested to plan for refreshments and handouts.

Faculty Write Program

The Faculty Write Program focuses on promoting faculty productivity and camaraderie through writing-based experiences such as interdisciplinary writing retreats held twice a month, workshops, and 15-day writing challenges.

Become a Diversity Scholar

Faculty who are interested in learning about diversity and creating an inclusive classroom culture are encouraged to apply for a Diversity Scholar stipend.