Curriculum Innovation Award Recipients

Curriculum Innovation Grant Recipients for 2016-2017

Immersive Virtual Reality (VR) Technologies for Introductory Physics Education
Physics, Astronomy and MaterialsScience
Rebecca Baker, Ridwan Sakidja, &
Dr. Amir Behzadan
Integrating Computation in Biology Courses
Dr. Lazlo Kovaccs, Dr. John Heywood,
Dr. Sean Maher, Dr. Paul Schweiger, & Dr. Ryan Udan
Global Diversity and Inclusion in STEM
Dr. Matthew Siebert & Brian High
Purposeful Placement for Middle Level Pre-Service Practitioners; Embedding Stratefies for ELLs through Collaboration
Reading foundations and Technology
Dr. Kimberly Stromer, Dr. Pamela Correll, & Dr. Sarah Nixon
Bringing Student Learning into Focus in Pre-Service Mathematics Teacher Education


Dr. Patrick Sullivan, Dr. Gay Ragan,
Dr. Adam Harbaugh, Donna Sherrill

Enhancing Life Participation in Persons with Dementia Through Socially Validating Story-telling
Communication Sciences and Disorders

Dr. Alana Mante-Kozlowski &
Jennifer Kerr

Family Engagement, Collaboration, and Education: The Incorporation of Media
Childhood Education and Family Studies

Dr. Jennifer Rojas-McWhinney

Curriculum Innovation Grant Recipients for 2015-2016

Using Effective Instructional Delivery Models and Self-Management Techniques to Improve Instruction for Pre-service Teachers
Counseling, Leadership, and Special Education
Primary Investigator: Dr. Reesha Adamson
Co-investigator: Michael Goeringer
Printing the Impossible: 3D Printed Visual Aids for Teaching Spatial Thinking in the Geosciences
Geography, Geology, and Planning
Primary Investigator: Damon Bassett
Co-investigator: Dr. Gary Michelfelder
Three-Dimensional Tools for Teaching Neuroanatomy
Sports Medicine & Athletic Training
Primary Investigator: Traci Garrison
Co-investigator: Dr. Sapna Chakraborty
Student Success and Intermediate Algebra, MTH 101
Investigators: Kimberly Van Ornum and Jennifer Pursley
Ethnographic practice and methodological training for students in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Sociology & Anthropology

Investigator: Dr. Gregory Gullette

Interdisciplinary Instruction of Alternative Print Processes

Art + Design

Investigators: Bryan Colby Jennings and Marcus Howell