33rd Showcase - Call for Proposals Online Form

The 33rd Showcase on Teaching and Learning presentation proposals must be submitted through this online proposal form on or before Friday, March 23, 2018. Proposals will be reviewed by peers who are members of the FCTL Advisory Council and presenters will be notified by April 20, 2018.

The FCTL Advisory Council is inviting faculty to submit presentation proposals that highlight teaching practices and would appeal to faculty across disciplines and all levels of experience.

Themes to consider include:

  • Active learning strategies
  • Universal design and accessibility
  • Designing or redesigning courses
  • How to discuss issues of diversity in the classroom
  • Critical thinking and teaching through inquiry
  • Student writing in the discipline
  • Teaching with technology
  • Assessing student learning
  • Strategies for providing student feedback

Proposal Criteria:

Proposals should include a 150 word abstract that clearly states learning goals and outcomes (key takeaways) for the session.  This abstract will serve as the description of your presentation in the Showcase program.  Submissions should also include a session title and presenter(s).  Proposals will be peer reviewed by the FCTL Advisory Council and evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Learning goals and a brief statement of participant interaction are included
  • Relevant topic that appeals to faculty of all experience levels
  • Practical methods and techniques that participants can apply to their own teaching
  • Evidence of student outcomes or lessons learned

33rd Showcase on Teaching and Learning August 15, 2018
Online Proposal Form

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