5 in 55-Ideas You Can Use Today!

The 5 in 55 series is based on the 90 Ideas in 90 Minutes seminars where 9 business leaders share 10 of their best ideas.

5 in 55 – Ideas you can use Today, will bring 5 faculty or other members from the academic community together to share a strategy they use to address the question being introduced.  Questions may include, “How can I prevent cheating on exams?”, “How do I get my students to read?”, “Can I really teach without a textbook?”, “How should I facilitate difficult conversations?”, “How can I get students to write more without grading papers?”  Topics and questions will be requested by the academic community through a web-based survey tool.

Sessions will last 55 minutes with each faculty outlining their strategy in a 10-minute presentation.  Strategies will be evidenced-based, and participants will receive a Take-away Summary of each strategy.  Sessions will be followed by a brief Q/A if participants want to stay and further discuss an idea or strategy.

5 in 55 presenters will receive $55 in Bear Bucks, which can be used at the Bookstore or PSU vendors. and a 5 in 55 – Ask me about my Idea t-shirt. (hopefully we can do Bear Bucks through the Bursar’s office – it would be easiest but if not, might just have to go with $55 bookstore gift card)

* FCTL and other staff participating in this series to share strategies and information about their services are not eligible for gift cards.

More information on this program is forthcoming.