Copyright Basics for Online Presentations

Viewable on-demand webcast

Copyright Basics for Online Presentations

Presented by Joseph T. Leone

Ever find an image on the web and wonder if you can use it in a presentation? 
Have you shown a YouTube video in a course that is also being streamed online? 
Are you familiar with the TEACH Act?
Do you know what “fair use” really means for you, your instructors and presenters or your organization?
This on-demand webcast, presented by intellectual property attorney Joseph T. Leone, will provide insight and help you master the basics of webcasting copyright, and touch on some recent cases that shed new light.

  • What types of content (photos, images, screenshots, videos) can be used safely in an online presentation without author permission? And what content definitely cannot be used?
  • What’s in the grey zone and what factors dictate how grey is too grey?
  • Is there a difference between fair use for face-to-face instruction vs. online, hybrid or blended?
  • After a presentation has been streamed online, who owns it? And what happens if it shows up in someone else’s presentation?

Joe Leone is a partner in the Madison law firm DeWitt Ross & Stevens.  His practice focuses on copyright, trademark and patent matters.  He sits on the board of directors and is treasurer of Saint Ambrose Academy, a private high school in Madison, and is also on the board of Oregon Straw Hat Players, a community theater company in Oregon, Wisconsin.