Faculty Services and Programs

The FCTL provides a variety of faculty professional development workshops and programs to nurture best practices in course design for teaching face-to-face, blended, or online modalities.   These workshop provide practical hands-on experience using best practices and new technologies that are solid in pedagogical and teaching foundations.

Accessible Learning Institute

The Accessible Learning Institute is an intensive four-day program designed to help participants identify and resolve accessibility concerns in their courses.

Faculty Write Program

The Faculty Write Program focuses on promoting faculty productivity and camaraderie through writing-based experiences such as interdisciplinary writing retreats held twice a month, workshops, and 15-day writing challenges.

DPA Certificate Faculty/Instructors

Faculty earn the certification of “Digital Professor” through their participation in the Digital Professor Academy and the completion of a criterion-based peer-review.

Showcase on Teaching and Learning - August 15, 2018

The 33rd Showcase on Teaching and Learning will be held August 15, 2018. The FCTL Advisory Council Call for Proposals is closed. Mark your calendars and register today at MyLearning Connection or contact the FCTL at 836-3059 or fctl@missouristate.edu