28th Showcase on Teaching and Learning

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9:00-9:50 am

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iAdvise: Leveraging the iPad's Power to Enhance Student Learning and Development

Academic advising is a teaching and learning process (Lowenstein, 2009). Quality advising educates students about more than building course schedules—and such learning occurs within and outside of interactions in an advisor’s office. Academic advisors teach students through recruitment opportunities, websites, mail, face-to-face meetings, and in classes. With an iPad and a few undergraduate practicum hours, the Psychology Advisement Center acquired video clips from multiple representatives of the Psychology Department to incorporate as just-in-time educational resources for psychology faculty and students. Presentation participants will learn how an iPad can enhance faculty advising efficiency and quality while supplementing classroom instruction.

Tracie Burt
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Use of Service Learning to Enhance Study Away Experiences

Service learning is a teaching pedagogy in which students apply knowledge gained in the classroom to a real world environment to serve the needs of the community. Reflection is critical in service learning to help students understand the impact of their service.
By blending service learning and Study Away, students engaged with a community in Nicaragua, while delivering speech, language and hearing related services. The themes of the public affairs mission (community engagement, cultural competence, and ethical leadership) will be applied.

Letitia White & Lisa Proctor
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MSU Master Online Course 2012

Dr. Leasure is the recipient of the 2012 MSU Master Online Course Recognition Award. Dr. Leasure’s, BUS/LAW 550/650 Negotiation, Mediation, and Arbitration in Business course, was recognized and nominated by his peers and selected by a panel of experts.
Dr. Leasure will explain and demonstrate how he was able to strategically employ best practices in both online teaching and learning to create an engaging and superior learning experience for his students.

Stanley Leasure
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Faculty Panel: Effective Use of Lecture Capture

A number of faculty in Springfield and West Plains are using lecture capture to provide supplemental learning materials, to free up class time for active learning experiences and make content available in the online classroom. Join faculty as they discuss and answer questions about the effectiveness of lecture capture and its’ impact on student performance in their classes.

Moderated by:
Chulapol Thanomsing & Mike Fisher
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Intermediate & College Algebra Course Redesigns: An Update

Co-pilots from the 2011 FCTL grant “Research and Development for the Redesign of the General Education College Algebra Course” will present an update on the course redesigns for both intermediate and college algebra. We will discuss course structures, the role of technology in the classroom, assessment techniques, data collected, and lessons learned.

Patti Blanton, Pamela Henson,
& Dianne Twigger
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Conversations in the Cloud
via Voice Thread

Connect, collaborate and share! Make a presentation or participate in group conversations from anywhere in the world, with no software to install. VoiceThread is a collaborative multimedia slide show that holds images, documents and videos. This tool allows participants to connect five different ways: via voice (mic or telephone), text, audio file or video (webcam). Join me and I will demonstrate just how easy it is to use this free educational technology that is changing the way we teach and learn!

Ching-Wen Chang
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iPads: Are They For You?

This presentation is designed to introduce individuals to the flexibility and capabilities of the iPad in both teaching, learning, and personal productivity.

Sarah McCallister


10:00 - 10:50 am

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Innovative Service-Learning Practices that Ignite a Passion and Inspire Students to Become Engaged in Community

Service-Learning is an effective pedagogy to increase academic learning and commitment to civic life. Each year, MSU faculty are eligible to apply for the CASL Research Stipend or Faculty Fellows Award for research and scholarship of engagement projects linked to service-learning. The 2013 CASL Research Stipend Award recipients will share their innovative service-learning course programming that inspired students to collaborate with community partners, locally, nationally, and globally, to address significant policy issues of relevance and provide research to support/address a community need. Faculty will present the results of their research on various issues including: Diversity and Bullying-Service-Learning in Psychology; Food Safety and Insecurities between Food Service Owners and Food Inspectors; A Life History Project; and the Development of a New Feeding Program in Tanzania. Please join us for this inspiring session.

Kathy Nordyke, Adena Young-Jones,
Sockju Kwon, Mary Ann Jennings,
Michelle Day, and Carmen Boyd
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Assessing the Public Affairs Mission in the General Education Classroom: Theory and Practice

Student learning is MSU’s explicit main priority. Public Affairs is its statewide mission. Determination of their interrelationship has historically been left to the faculty. MSU’s new Quality Initiative Project , designed to assess integration of the Public Affairs Mission, assumes substantially positive results. Will they be? Will inserting an administrative layer between the ends and the means of student learning actually improve the process? If so, how? The presenter will address these issues from the viewpoint of a tenured MSU professor who has routinely taught in excess of one hundred general education students per semester for 26 years.

Joe Hughes
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Turning Technologies: Assessment Delivery & Data Collection Solutions

Turning Technologies creates assessment delivery and data collection solutions designed specifically to increase learning outcomes. Purpose-driven solutions that support teaching and learning provide instructors with the ability to assess understanding, report student progress indicators, and see measurable gains in student retention. This session will demonstrate how to support effective pedagogical learning theories, track student comprehension and generate detailed reports.

Melinda Caban
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Enhancing Your Course with iTunes U
& iPad

This program will showcase the development of a statistics course using iTunes U and iBooks Author. It will introduce enhancement options for audio, video, slide presentation, video scribe, iBooks and iPad. Understanding the workflow for course development will benefit any instructor wanting to incorporate the technologies. The presenter has created two highly-rated podcasts on the MSU iTunes U with over 1 million downloads.

Todd Daniel
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Creating a Course for Universal Learning & Participation

With rapidly changing technology and new approaches to teaching it can become difficult to ensure ALL students will be able to learn and participate fully. Whether you are teaching a traditional, blended, or online course there are simple techniques for ensuring universal design of your course materials and learning platform.

Ian Shadrick & Megan Shadrick
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Oh No, the Instructor is Absent: Using iPad Apps to Make Up Class

Since professors are not superheroes, there may come a time when they might have to miss class due to illness. In this presentation, I would like to share how iPad apps helped me make up my class, manage student queries, and ensure Blackboard is set up when I had to miss class due to being sick.

Rhea Faye Felcilda, EdD, RN
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iPad Technology in the Classroom

This presentation is designed to introduce the ways the iPad can be used in teaching and help stimulate ideas for future use.

Brenda Goodwin, Sarah McCallister,
Melinda Novik, and Scott Richmond
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11:00 - 11:50 am

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Students, the Elderly and Life Histories: What Everyone Learns

Classroom learning for undergraduate social work students interviewing and assessment skills includes readings, class discussions, and mock interviews. To improve their learning, students in SWK205 (Interviewing Skills) complete life histories with residents of local nursing homes. In SWK222 (Human Behavior and the Social Environment), these same students use their interactions with residents to prepare assessments. Instructors utilize ways to prepare students for these interactions so that comfort and learning are enhanced. Presenters collaborate to use these experience in different classes, meeting different objectives. Presenters know methods to enhance learning, how to avoid pitfalls, and ways to assess student learning.

Michele Day, Carol Langer,
& Mary Ann Jennings
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"Joining Forces: Lecture Capture and Tablet Technology" for Future Classroom

I have a tablet, now what? How can I use it to teach? The presenter will share techniques to incorporate a tablet device and lecture capture technology to create your own recordings. Participants will learn about useful apps, software, and tips and tricks for utilizing a tablet and lecture capture in a ‘flipped’ classroom to engage learners. How-to’s for creating a screen capture of your iPad screen, capturing classroom engagement using a PC tablet and Tegrity, and using Tegrity mobile to create weekly announcements will be demonstrated. Participants are encouraged to share and discuss their own strategies for using tablet and lecture-capture technologies. Tablet devices to be covered are iPad, Android Tablet, and PC Tablet.

Chulapol Thanomsing
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Teaching Mathematics to Digital Native Students Using Technology

Who are digital native students and how might teaching, learning and assessment look different in their mathematics classrooms? Through a grant project, we are studying the instructional shift occurring in local high school and middle school math classrooms, where every student has a computer (MAC, PC, iPAD) and textbooks are rarely if ever used. This presentation will report what we are learning about: the “digital native” student, school structures and decisions necessary for a one-to-one classrooms, free or inexpensive instructional resources, development of online instructional modules, “flipped” and “blended” classrooms, and performance based assessment.

Lynda Plymate and Diana Piccolo
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Beyond the Syllabus: Using Students' Experiences to Co-Create a Productive Learning Environment

The college learning environment is influenced both by teachers and students. This session uses what students have said about how they mutually influence on another to suggest best practices for teachers. A recent focus group study of students shows that students model “good student” behaviors for one another and provide one another various forms of academic support. Faculty can capitalize on this information to foster a classroom environment that promotes learning.

Lynn Borich, Nora Cox, & Gloria Galanes
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Faculty Panel: Degree Development from a Department's Perspective

Join faculty from the departments of Elementary Education and Social Work as they discuss and answer questions about their experiences participating in department wide course development through a “Boot Camp” approach. They will offer insights and share strategies for faculty working together to develop a degree that focuses on the needs of students and also the needs of faculty new to teaching online.

Moderated by: Nancy Gordon
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Mythbusting the Top 5 Faculty Fears About Recorded Lectures

Faculty adoption is key in making an academic video management system rollout a success. However, faculty new to the technology have questions they need answered before fully engaging. The FCTL is your partner in maximizing lecture capture technology. Mediasite has a technical architecture that gives faculty extensive tools for controlling their content and expanding their impact beyond the physical classroom. Come and hear about the possibilities with Mediasite, and the expert guidance of the FCTL.

Chuck Coopman-Sonic Foundry &
Mike Fisher
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MSU’s Quality Initiative Project

Faculty Panel

In May, 2013, a group of faculty and staff came together to review student work submitted as part of the campus Quality Initiative Project. These faculty and staff will present on what they learned about assessment and the Public Affairs Mission during the review workshop, and they will also share insights into how the process can be used in their own departments and other departments across campus.

Moderated by: Kelly Cara
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Dr. Ken Bain Keynote Address at Lunch
PSU Ballroom