26th Showcase on Teaching and Learning - August 17, 2011


26th Showcase on Teaching and Learning photos

Opening Plenary: Master Online Course Luncheon Keynote
Recognition Award Presenter: Michael Wesch
Presenter: Eric Nelson View video of Michael Wesch's presentation

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Morning Sessions

What is Course Transformation? Understanding the Process of Course Redesign to Improve Student Learning
Presenters: Rachel Happel, Danae Hudson, Mary Newman, Carol Shoptaugh

Writing to Think and Learn
Presenters: Rachelle Darabi & Keri Franklin

Cultivating Cultural Competence: How to Harvest our International Crop
Presenters: Liza Armstrong, Terry Barakat, Bianca Boyd, Mary Ann Jennings, Taleyna Morris
Canada and Mexico Quiz
Transforming Student Learning & Engagement with Student Response Systems "Clickers"
Presenters: Julie Gallaway & Christina Robinson
THE 515: Staging Autism as a Service-Learning Project
Presenters: Telory Davids & Elizabeth Strong
Visualizing Content for Mediasite Lecture Capture
Presenter: Michael Fisher
Formulating a Purposeful Structure for a Blended Lab Course
Presenter: Georgianna Saunders
Advising as Teaching
Presenters: Tracie Burt, Kathy Davis, Tom Tomasi
Advising Syllabus
The Distinction in Public Affairs at Missouri State University
Presenters: Denise Baumann, Stephanie Hein, Marissa LeClaire, Joe Williams
Collaboration Across the Curriculum to Build a Successful Production Program
Presenters: Mark Biggs, Diana Botsford, Kevin Swift, Weiyan Wang
Undergraduate Research: Models for Student Success
Presenters: Robert Delong, Joshua Smith, Scott Zimmerman
Interdisciplinary Education for Diverse Healthcare Providers and Students: Interactive Multimedia Workshop for Clinical and Educational Settings
Presenter: Mary C. Newman
Getting Comfortable with Multimodal Approaches to Traditional Class Delivery
Presenter: Samuel C. Dyer Jr.

Afternoon Sessions

There's More to Google Earth than Just Finding Your House
Presenters: Jo Ann Mattson & Bruce Richards
Why Would I Teach That Way: Show Me the Evidence!
Presenter: Chantal Levesque-Bristol
Supporting Online Adult Students Through Outreach
Presenters: Joye Norris & Gary Rader
Who Do We Want to Be? "Ethical Leadership" Across Campus
Presenters: Michael Frizzell, Mike Jungers, Pam Sailors, Lindsay Sears, Tom Tomasi, Rebecca Woodard
Leading a Short-Term Study Away Program
Presenters: Margaret Buckner, Mike Burton, Elizabeth Strong, Audra Williams
OMG, WTF, and Other Acronyms for Assessment
Presenter: Kelly Cara
TurningPoint Basics
Presenters: Charles Scheerbaum & Ben Bestic
Blackboard 9.1 Course Templates:
Presenter: Nancy Gordon
What's New in Blackboard Learn 9.1?
Presenter: Brenda Burrell
Get Blackboard Help handout
Giving Voice Theatre Troupe
Presenters: The Giving Voice Troupe under the direction of Carol J. Maples
The Supplemental Instruction Program at MSU: The Care and Feeding of your SI Leader
Presenter: Michael Frizell
Citizenship and Service-Learning (CASL)
Presenters: Denise Cunningham, Billie Follensebee, Wafaa Kaf, Tim Knapp, Elizabeth Strong
The 7 Revolutions Around the World
Presenters: Paula Moore & Phil Bridges
Student Guide Website Directory

Introduction to Creating ePortfolios
Presenters: Joa Ann Mattson & Bruce Richards

Presenters: Charles Scheerbaum & Ben Bestic

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