Search Guidelines

Recruiting a Diverse Workforce:  Guidelines for Hiring Faculty, Academic Administrators and Executive, Administrative and Professional Staff Search Guidelines

Diversity Leadership Requirements for Executive, Administrative, Faculty, and Professional Staff Positions, per Section 3.3 of the Search Guidelines
As a requisite job qualification, a statement must be included in the job description and position announcement that candidates be able to demonstrate job-related experience with and/ or commitment to diversity in the work/academic environment.  To see samples of language that may be used to satisfy the diversity leadership requirement click on header.

Proactive Language for Position Announcement Emphasizing the Commitment to Diversity, per Section 3.5 of the Search Guidelines
Proactive language should be included in job descriptions and position announcements to emphasize the University's commitment to diversity.  This may make the position more attractive to female and ethnically and/or racially diverse candidates as well as others with experience working with diverse students and colleagues.  For examples of the click on header.

Appropriate and Inappropriate Questions

Missouri Labor Discrimination in Pre-Employment Inquires

Part-time Hiring Checklist

1,000 Hour Guide (part-time employee)