Taskstream is the comprehensive assessment, folio, and data management system used by the Education programs at Missouri State University. Upon completion of their program, students will have a portfolio of their cumulated collective works. This system will gradually replace several systems currently in use in order to aid students as they pursue employment, streamline assessments and data collection, and offer more powerful reporting capabilities to the university. Below you will find helpful instructions for using Taskstream.

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Taskstream Video Instructions (.mp4 format)

  • Main Screen Introduction - a quick 30 second video to show you where the main Taskstream elements are located on the main screen.
  • Program Screen Introduction - a quick overview of a standard program page within Taskstream, highlighting the items of interest on the screen.
  • Working with Uploads - a detailed video demonstrating how to upload files, called artifacts, into the Taskstream system and use them to meet assessment needs.

Taskstream PDF Instructions

 Taskstream Assistance

If you need any assistance with Taskstream, do not hesitate to contact us.  There are two ways to do so:

Phone:  (417) 836-4627

Email:  taskstream@missouristate.edu