Subcommittee Structure, Members and Charge

The Sustainability Subcommittee was formed on July 18, 2007, as a subcommittee to Missouri State University’s Environmental Management Policy Panel (EMPP). The subcommittee was charged by Ken McClure, Associate Vice President of Administrative Services, to "address the topic of ’sustainability’ and how Missouri State University can most appropriately, effectively, and efficiently be a strong leader and participant." Specifically, the subcommittee was asked to determine a recommended initial focus for sustainability at Missouri State University, and develop a general set of goals for that focus, with the initial phase of the subcommittee’s work to be completed by the November 2007 meeting of the EMPP.

Initial members of the Sustainability Subcommittee consisted of:

  • Mr. David Vaughan, Director of Environmental Management, Chair
  • Mr. Bob Eckels, Director of Facilities Management
  • Mr. Andrew Garton, Student
  • Mr. Jeffrey Brown, Student
  • Dr. Tamera Jahnke, Dean, College of Natural and Applied Sciences
  • Dr. Inno Onwueme, Associate Dean, College of Natural and Applied Sciences

Mrs. Teresa Steele, Executive Assistant to the Associate Vice President for Administrative Services, provided staff support to the subcommittee.

Additional members invited to be a part of this subcommittee after the initial organizational meeting included:

  • Ms. Kelly Barnts, Staff Senate
  • Dr. Charles Rovey, Faculty Senate
  • Ms. Lindsey Berger, Students for a Sustainable Future

The subcommittee’s initial meeting was held on Thursday, August 2, 2007. Subsequent meetings were held on August 30, September 27, and October 30, 2007.