Concurrent Physics and Electrical Engineering Major

In this degree option students earn a comprehensive BS degree in Physics from Missouri State University and a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Missouri S&T.  Adding the Physics major is especially helpful for electrical engineers working for defense contractors, semiconductor manufacturers, medical centers, laser companies and aerospace manufacturers. 

Person working on a machine

Students who choose this degree option will have strong backgrounds in Physics and Electrical Engineering and will be prepared to work on the cutting edge in developing electronic and optical equipment.  By integrating the two degrees this unique program allows students to earn a Physics and Electrical Engineering degree taking only 9 additional credits (3 courses) in addition to earning the electrical engineering degree.

PHY 375 Modern Physics is used to satisfy the engineering science elective in the electrical engineering degree.  PHY 343 Thermal Physics and PHY 385 Experiments in Modern Physics are used to fulfil the free electives in the electrical engineering degree.  Elec Eng 3600 Electromagnetics is used to satisfy the fields and waves requirement in the Physics degree.  Students will add three courses: PHY 291 Introduction to Computational Physics, PHY 391 Mathematics for Science and Engineering, and PHY 333 Intermediate Mechanics.